How to Play Turkey

by Scott Kauzlarich and Ryan Sprau

The key to playing well as Turkey is to know your strengths and weaknesses. Turkey’s biggest assest is it’s early game defensibility. An early exit as turkey is not very common. But this is also a weakness for Turkey, because it is tough to really get rolling early on.


Turkey’s openings are going to be anti-Russian or anti-Austiran, unless they are neutral and not playing favorities early on. The big anti-Russian move is Ank-Bla, Smy-Arm, Con-Bul. This is a devastating attack on Russia if it works. But sometimes Quick gains in Sev and Rum are bogged down, and offset by opening yourself up to a Austrian stab, perhaps with Italian help. Italy is always a wildcard when you are talking about Turkey, because they sometimes are drawn west and not a factor. Obviously, it is too your tremendous advantage as Turkdye to get Italy moving West. Or, to be on your side against Austra, then perhaps Russia later.

So, if you want to attack Russia, know that you might be opening yourself up to Austria. You will need some help against Russia, from Austria most likely, but sometimes England or Germany can come into play here as well. We think one disadvantage of attacking Russia early is that the long-term growth is not that great. Pretty soon, if things go well, you find yourself invading Norway and getting really overextended.

An attack on Austira is the way to go, if you must go. Your opening would probably still be Con-Bul, but with army Smy following to Con. The fleet in Ank can also sometimes follow to Con, but it is beter to have your armies moving into the balkans as soon as possible if you want to take on Austrai.

Negotiation-wise, the dream would be if Austria attacked Italy, perhaps with French help, thus turning his back to you. This is great, but not very likely. A more reasonable scenario is if Italy attacks Austrai. Either way, Austria has two or more fronts, and you can make good gains. Now, how about a russian-Turkish alliance? This is very powerful, but as Turkey, the advantage here usually goes to Russia. But chances for a close second, are good if you and Russia get rolling. Austria cannot hold off both of you without Italian assistance, and even then, a german cavalry charge might be needed to hold off the Czar and the Sultan. Once, Austrai is eliminated, you can move on Italy.

So, attacking Austria is probably your wisest move, but pick your ally carefully. If you go in with the Russian, you might find yourself isolated buy the other five players, as they fear the R-T more than any other alliance. And it is hard to win outright as Russia has more advantages. An Itlaian alliance is preferred, because then you can stab him or move with him against Russia, and then stab.

Back to Italy. Beware of the Leponto opening, which is signaled by a fleet moving into the Ionian. If italy gets involved in the east, the balance of power shifts dramatically. Things can get tough, so you might have to hunker down and bide your time.

Be patient as Turkey! If you go slow, the game will come to you. Austria, will eventually attack Russia, or get attacked by someone, and some easy centers in the Balkans will be there. There are a lot of centers in tehbalkns, but be patient. If you hunker down and play good defense, people will leave you alone, and you can snesk into some supply centers later on.

Now, for key centers:

Greece is the space on the board you need to contrl more than any other. Losing greece to Italy or Austria puts you in a vulnerable position. The eastern MEd is a space than your eastern foes will penetrate when they are going for the kill. Keep your eye on Greece! And if Austiar turns her back, then you might get it without a fight. but it is worth fighting for. The Black sea is also vital, if you lose it, you could be in big trouble.


If Austrai builds fleets, then you can bet she will be coming for you and/or Turkey soon enough. Russia building a fleet in the Sevastopol is also a sign of war.

good luck with Turkey: Go slow, be patient. Her strenghts are her security in the corner of her board. And concentrate on knoking out Austria. Moving against Russia right away is risky, and try to get Italy involved with someone else.