With Friends Like Italy, Who Needs Enemies?

by Jeremy Simmons

Italy tends to be the true spirit of the diplomacy board: not for nothing she painted Green (is the colour most people turn when given the country to play). This his role is generally limited to hand it was the points of the north of southern triangle, and without the neutral centres at all my neighbours naturally converge on, she tends to be ignored as soon as the local Great Powers convinced the back door is safe.

Well, where is Italy going? The start of the game only she had Austria has fleets in the Mediterranean, I was the popularity of the hedgehog and its variants, Austria really moves herds out of port — and Italy concerned sure that Austria has a hard time raising extra fleets. This means that Italy should be able to establish a fleet based on by the Mediterranean, though to do the she tends to secure herself against Turkish aggression. The sprawl with the main reason more Italy tends to head east for, and why we shall consider the southern triangle first.

Although Italy and Turkey both have pretty acceptable survive records, they do not look to be compatible for long-term alliances. Whether Italy takes had Austria first or Turkey, the 01 has got to be taken eventually is Italy is going to be successful. Turkey will need perception of the onion as vital to as expansion especially due to the ease with which Italy bottleneck, and benefactor of Austria Russian line. Since the promise of going naval is what the best deals Turkey can off Russia Austria, SE and Turkey end of facing each other to establish some degree of control of the Mediterranean. Indeed, this can be most dangerous for both because the deadlock between the two might well allow other countries to move in a profit.

Russia might well be the closest thing is taken have to a friend. If you convincing to join a joint attack Austria (assuming Germany is not could help Austria about) that effectively you might be able to ensure six centres — to party Austria 190203 and Turkey copy after that. The only problem is that of England and Germany, hold off Russia in the North Sea might yourself be swamped by an unstoppable monster.

Moreover, the problems once faced by the Turkish play in breaking out a lot of eastward Italian player faces them. He can take a leaf out of Turkey’s own book control Armenia, to stretch Russia to three fronts of England and your between the top.

The last member of the southern triangle is Austria, and with whom you have two options. If you to ensure the bills armies, he can be useful ally, as he will be almost forced to was taken Russia — and Germany — before you, says that is where his strength lies: Alderman. If you and turn construct or fleets and ensure that you operate together, you can concentrate on Turkey while he Flanders against them outlined inland.

It will often depend on Germany, but make a decision with attack Austria on not, and commit itself. If Army Venice Tyrolia can succeed, but in their quickly — this is probably your best chance to make yourself someone worth listening to.

The North triangle is less concerned with you, since unit which one of the number — fronts. She is likely to be cordial and might even offered support your into Munich in autumn 1901 from to role. Germany is really caught nothing, the French main aim would be achieved: sent into east out of harm’s way. To lobby surprises this offer is accompanied by request to neutralise Piedmont, Gulf of Lyon and as many other sea areas as possible.

England is likely to be little concerned with the thing you do. Attacking fronts but one encouraging, and your luggage racks similarly if England transfer breast. To take care — though if you answer the Turkish question, who should do well with England against France.

Germany will be valuable if you go west. It is likely all want to out of Austria, and if he is reasonable alliance against France can be quite successful. But you must convince him your serious: if he decides to protect Austria with Army Munich then you’re in trouble.

The problem is going west is finding centres. Tudor fleet to get past Marseille and your actions a telegraphed by Army Venice did not. Perhaps the best way west is Army Rome to Tunis to North Africa to Spain (is remember the convoy), but that leaves so little to face Austria that I would be to be certain Russia Turkey had in Austria which in turn means dull roost would juggernaut.

In the end, despite the possibilities, though I just bottle of centres in Italy’s locale to merit confidence. She is the board busybody, pushing her knows where she is not wanted and failing to leave the big boys low to get on it. Tunisia is Italy is best friend, and all too often she can do no more than go on holiday affair.