Unexpected Bounces

by Pellaken

When someone says “bounce in 01” you think “Black Sea” “Galacia” or “English Channel” but you rarely think of  “Piedmont” or “Tyrol” or even “Belgium in Fall” These are just some unexpected bounces.

I first came up with the idea of unexpected bounces when playing France and planning to keep an Italy who was turning hostile from turning against me. I realized that we could bounce in Piedmont. Then I began to think of the benefits and drawbacks. I began to realize that I would still get Spain. In addition, with a move to MAO I would get Portugal. I realized that with such a move there is no way that I could not get Spain. “good golly” I realized that this was a great bounce. But then why no literature about it?

I began to think that maybe Italy was part of a deal was not good at all. So I compiled a list of benefits and drawbacks for France and Italy.

Note-all powers have been highlighted in their color for quick reference F R I G A T E {Russia is Purple, its color in Europe}

French AdvantagesItalian Advantages
Get Spain
Defend against A Mun-Bur
Keep I in a good alliance
Better then holding the unit, which is a waste
Allows you to have a good southern flank
Good for diplomacy, can look like a F-I war
Can be used with A to occupy Venice {alliance}
Good defense against unexpected Austrian moves
Leaves A Ven-Tyl an option
Can not bounce, and screw France over
Makes a good alliance early on
Allows you to have an early western front
Pie is safe from invasion
French DisadvantagesItalian Disadvantages
If he does not bounce, loose out on Spain
Only Paris can defend Burgundy
Can be used with A to occupy Venice
Ties up a unit that can be used in other ways

So overall, as you can see, this bounce is not a bad idea. It may seem bad, but other bounces have worse disadvantages, but they are still done.

This type of bounce can be used by either nation when they are unsure of alliances with other neighbors. It also can be used in order to achieve a quick alliance with each other. My hope, this bounce is as common as Galacia by next year. I call this move Pellaken’s Gambit.

Another bounce is in Tyrol. There are 2 bounces here, Italy and Austria; Italy and Germany.

Italian AdvantagesAustrian Advantages
Guarantees A cant get you
Keeps Venice busy
Can stab I with G support 
Italian DisadvantagesAustrian Disadvantages
G A alliance can kill youHolds Vienna back, No bounce in Gal.
Italian AdvantagesGerman Advantages
Keeps Venice busyGuarantees I cant get you
Can get support from A
Italian DisadvantagesGerman Disadvantages
G can get A SupportHolds Munich back

So, in short, any bounce in Tyl is not good unless you have very odd circumstances. It is a possible one, and should not be forgot, but do not expect to see this as a regular opening move.

Russia and Austria also share an unexpected bounce. I am sure this one is easier to see, but rarely done. After reading literature about Austria, I have learned four things

Austro-German alliances will always fail
Austria and Turkey are bad allies
Russia and Austria cannot ally
Austria-Hungary and Italy are not made for long-term alliances

It is hard to believe all four, because if it was true, then Austria is doomed from the start. So, let us look at an Austro-Turkish alliance. A bounce in Rum is exactly what the doctor called for!

Austrian AdvantagesRussian Advantages
Can be used to kill R earlyGood for an A T Alliancenone
Austrian DisadvantagesRussian Disadvantages
Leaves Vie to defend against A War-Gal
Keeps Bud from taking Serbia
Possible occupation of Black Sea
Dooms your nation to a early death

This bounce, is not the kind of bounce you want to make with your ‘ally’ Russia, but it can come in useful against him.

This is about the extent of bounces in the spring of 1901. All other bounces are useless, {Armenia} or are famous {Galacia}

In Autumn, there are more bounces that can be used.

Belgium can be bounced around in many ways.

France and England-Germany

All this depends, of course, on spring moves. If Germany takes Holland, and then the joint F-E alliance may be what is needed.

Anglo-French AdvantagesGerman Advantages
Keeps Belgium out of German hands
Creates trust, good for an alliance
Keeps the E-F alliance happy {negotiated bounce}
Keeps units valuable F-E units busy
Anglo-French DisadvantagesGerman Disadvantages
Too easy for a stab to destroy
Keeps units valuable units busy
May destroy all planned {Un-negotiated bounce}
Limits growth

And if Germany went F Kie-Den

F AdvantagesE AdvantagesG Advantages
Keeps Belgium empty
Removes Early Leader Syndrome
Can make an easy 2v1 stab
Keeps Belgium empty
Can make an easy 2v1 stab
Keeps Belgium empty
Removes Early Leader Syndrome
Can make an easy 2v1 stab
F DisadvantagesE DisadvantagesG Disadvantages
Limits growth
Hard to set up
Can make an easy 2v1 stab
Limits growth
Hard to set up
Can make an easy 2v1 stab
Limits growth
Hard to set up
Can make an easy 2v1 stab

Approximately, these are the ratings for Belgian nationality:

France = 28.5%; England = 25.8%; Germany = 23.3%; 22.3% -not taken

This from: http://uk.diplom.org/pouch/Zine/S1998M/Anon/1901.html

It seems as if Belgium is the only thing that keeps the 3 western powers from agreeing on anything! Who not then get rid of the argument altogether?

Another unexpected bounce is that in Holland or Denmark by England.

English AdvantagesGerman Advantages
Good counter to Jutland Gambit
Can be used in coordination with R
Keeps G to 4 centers, possibly
English DisadvantagesGerman Disadvantages
Loss of use of Nth fleet.Loss of an expected center
Unexpected, its a real surprise

And the last bounce is one in Greece, where the Turkey can force Austria out of a center.

Turkish AdvantagesAustrian Advantages
Keep A down to 4 centers or less
Good prelude to war
Could get I on your side
Turkish DisadvantagesAustrian Disadvantages
Can not bounce, and loose Bulgaria.
Hard to fix diplomatic damage done
Loss of an expected center

This bounce can often lead to war, but it also can lead to Turkish victory.

So, in short, what can be learned here?

Well I have compiled a short list:

1-call the Pie bounce Pellaken’s Gambit, so I become famous J

2-look for these and other unexpected bounces

3-always remember, the best moves, are unexpected ones