How to Play England

by Chris Allen

The traditional strength of England has been the fact that it is an island. As has been demonstrated throughout history, naval power is the key to England’s security.

Although England must concentrate on building fleets, it is difficult (if not impossible) for England to win without getting armies into the continent. Her usual routes are through the low countries into France or Germany, or though Scandanavia into Russia.


The Churchill
F Edi – Nwg
F Lon – Nth
A Lvp – Edi

This move sets England up for war against Germany or Russia. This threatens Norway in the fall and also allows for co-operation with France to get an army into Belgium.

Get France
F Lon – Eng
A Lvp – Wal (alternatively A Lvp – Yor)
F Edi – Nth

If England makes the channel (not a sure bet), Brest is exposed (always a pleasant situation;) and France is faced with the dilema of defending Brest or the Mid-Atlantic. England is still likely to make Norway.


Like all the other powers, England can’t survive without friends. Whatever happens you are going to have enemies!

The three powers England must deal with initially are France, Germany and Russia.

Russia is generally rather occupied being paranoid about the Turks and Austrians (occasionally the Germans as well). So be nice, but encourage Russia to concentrate on the East.

Germany and France are thinking about England! It’s not impossible for these three powers to ally, just unusual. More often than not, somebody gets left out of this trio. Your number one task is to make sure it isn’t England. Promise whatever it takes to get France or Germany allied with England.

Regardless of who you ally with, your number two priority is to ensure no French fleet appears in the English channel. Get firm promises, or arrange to bounce in the spring so neither of you are threatened.