Some of these humourous articles are of their time and may not seem appropriate today… I apologise to anyone who finds anything offensive in them.

A Visit to the Asylum by Anonymous
Allan B. Calhamer is a Phallic Symbol by Conrad von Metzke
Tales from Bedbug Island: Please Allow Room For My Armies by Richard Sharp
The Art to find the Mind’s Construction in a Face by Stephen Agar
By a Whisker by Conrad von Metzke
The Coast of Moscow by Allan B. Calhamer
Diplomacy and Star Trek by Warren Goesle
Dippy Double Talk by Mark Berch
Does Yours Stand Erect? by John Gross & Kevin Dunsmuir
Does Yours Hang Limp? by Cal White and Mike Agnew
The Double Eagle by David P. Smith
How I Lost The War : Count Vlad Remembers by Bob Olsen
How To Tell If You’re A Hobby Old Fart by Cal White
The True Story! by Stephen Agar
One Certain Way To Gain Alliances by Jeff Smith