Editor: Paul Willey

Issues 1 – 28A   (January 1976 – March 1978) : Issues 29 – 100 (1985 -March 1991)

Zine Poll: 1976 16th; 1977 12th; 1978 19th; 1989 39th; 1990 30th

Eclipsor was published in three phases. Issues 1-8 were a mini-zine to playtest a new variant, with Paul going public at issue 9. The zine folded after issue 28A when Paul’s duplicator broke. In early 1986 Paul re-started Eclipsor as a restricted circulation mini-zine, essentially to test a Diplomacy adjudication program he was working on and at issue 51 he went public again, folding at issue 100. That explains why the Archive does not have copies of issues 29-50.

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