Editor: Clive Booth

Issues 1 –  102 (June 1975 – July 1983)

Zine Poll: 1976 1st; 1977 1st; 1978 3rd; 1979 =3rd; 1980 =5th; 1981 4th; 1982 10th; 1983 23rd

Straight in at No.1 in the Zine Poll, from the modest beginnings of a small spirit duplicated zine, Chimaera soon took the hobby by storm. Clive always intended to run more games than just Diplomacy, though it took a few months for games other than Dip to get started. In issue 6 Clive published rules for postal Soccerboss and by issue 9 the zine included a 9 page Soccerboss report. After that the football gameszines have developed a lot, but Clive got there first. Within a year of starting up, Chimaera was a massive mimeo zine, with lots of different games on offer and plenty of chat, including a postal D&D subzine. Clive could be pretty sharp in print and enjoyed mixing in with all the hobby politics of the time (often revolving around the NGC and Richard Sharp). The fact that the zine was run very efficiently put the seal on its success, wining the Zine Poll twice, and staying in the Top 5 for a further four years. For nearly all of its life Chimaera was a very successful zine indeed, though towards the end Clive’s enthusiasm was on the wane. Clive folded the zine very tidily, passing it all on, lock, stock and barrel, to Richard Morris to run under the name Boojum. Very much a ground-breaker.

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