Bron Yr Aur

Editor: Pete Lindsay

Issues 1 – 46  (February 1977 – March 1981)

Zine Poll: 1997 33rd; 1978 27th; 1979 =14th; 1980 =13th; 1981 11th

Anarchic and slightly weird, a zine which fore-shadowed what was to come in the shape of NERTZ, in that it was often difficult to tell which zine or which issue it was. Once it even appeared under the name Conic Sections (a journal or recreational mathematics). Multi-coloured foolscap mimeo with lots of elaborate press and drawings on stencils, Bron Yr Aur started out as a purist Dip zine when Pete was a student at St. Andrews, picked up a couple of orphans from Trojan Horse. It remained an unpredictable, but undeniably charming Dip zine with a couple of SF games until its fold, by which time Pete was getting more and more into RPG. Pete later co-edited The Brothers Grimm with his brother Simon.

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