Editor: Will Haven

Issues 1 – 50  (March 1972 – December 1977)

Zine Poll: 1974 =25th; 1975 12th; 1976 27th; 1977 20th

The plan to start a zine with John Piggott having failed (Will contributed only the title, Ethil the Frog), Will started Bellicus to run games of the SPI game system Strategy 1, but it became dominated by Diplomacy and variants from issue 8. After issue 11 Bellicus split into two zines – Son of Bellicus running three-weekly Diplomacy and Bellicus proper, running other games such as S1 to six weekly deadlines. The two zines were reunited a year later in the shape of Bellicus 17. The Golden Age of Bellicus was from issue 18 to about issue 40 – large issues, lots of letters, articles, variants etc. Will had an acid style and enjoyed feuding (especially with Richard Sharp) immensely – especially during the time of Will’s anti-NGC hobby organisation the Diplomacy Federation. Declined from issue 38 onwards (when the waiting lists were closed) and folded into The Tinamou after issue 50.

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