U – Variant Descriptions

UNITED STATES III (Fred C. Davis Jnr).

Rules originally published in Bushwacker Volume V: III.

(1) Robert Sacks in Lord of Hosts 9, March 1976.

A revision of United States II, allowing for fleets and convoys: the map from US II is modified, mainly by the addition of sea and river spaces; optional starting positions are allowed for three of the seven powers which, unlike US II, have fixed starting boundaries. Rivers run between certain provinces without hindering armies crossing them; at the same time armies may be convoyed by fleets on rivers. Fleets may move between land spaces adjacent or opposite by river; there are many special rules relating to fleet and army movement in the presence of water. While it is not one of his best variants, it is highly developed and worth studying; of course I am probably prejudiced against any variant or wargame played on a map of the US.

UPPSALA VARIANT (Unknown) ????/07

(1) MARK NELSON (26/1/93)

Designed in Sweden or quick FtF games and used in at least one Swedish Diplomacy Tournament. The rules are as regular except:

1) Votes on draws are not allowed. 2) The game stops when a player after Fall owns nine centers. 3) The player who owns most centers is the winner. 4) If one or more players reach nine centers the same year, and they own the same number of centers, there is a draw between those players.

UTRECHT III ????? hc08/05

(1) FRED C. DAVIS JNR in Bushwacker 207 (April 1989)

This scenario begins in 1739, and parallels the War of the Austrian Succession. There are several Neutral Powers, which are controlled by the placing of Influence Points. However, the game involves quite a bit of paperwork for all parties.

UTTER CHAOS (Scott Rosenburg).

(1) Robert Sacks in Lord of Hosts 7, September 1975.

Without doubt, the frontrunner for the 1976 Gemignani Award for Worst Variant Design. Technically it combines Twin-Earth, Anarchy, two varieties of Black-Hole, Schizo, Diluvian, Dilatory and Dud Diplomacy. It can be best described by stating that every turn the GM randomly redraws the (double) board and reshuffles the units, and the GM has a unit of his own! Sigh!! The first postal game was abandoned as unplayable, and a revision, Near Utter Chaos (Rosenburg, Urf Durfal 3) has been started which combines two varieties of Black-Hole, Schizo, Diluvian, Dilatory, Aquash, Blob and Mobile Center Diplomacy.