L – Variant Descriptions

LEBENSRAUM III (McGregor) ??/07

(1) MIGUEL LAMBOTTE in SOL 2 (October 1990)

Based on a world map, World War II with added rules for supply lines and aircraft.

LEGION (Fl Montauban) ??/07

(1) MIGUEL LAMBOTTE in SoL 2 (October 1990)

The Mediterranean in the era of the Roman Emperors – six Governors and the Emperor battle it out.

LIMA 2B (Colin Hemming, Michael Jean-Paul Macedoni)

(1) STEVE AGAR in V&U 4 (September 1980)

A variant dating back to 1972. This game uses a slightly expanded version of the regular map and incorporates a new type of unit — the Air Squadron. Essentially squadrons act as regular units but they have a range of two provinces, instead of the usual one. In addition to stand and support, squadrons can `bomb’ and `invade’. The original game was written in French — I believe that the first English version was printed by Colin Hemming in the UK zine XL (1972).

LEMURIAN (S Gunnell).

Rules originally published in Tau Ceti 9.

(1) REVIEW: Robert Sacks in Lord of Hosts 10, July 1976.

An economic variant with armies, heroes and magicians; this is not a magic variant — magicians seem to be heroes of a type who don’t allow other magicians in the same space. Two of the players cannot communicate with each prior to initial builds, one of whom may not hire magicians, and the other may not hire heroes, while the remaining two players are limited to four magicians at a time. There are three different types of supply centers with different incomes and properties — one, the native centers, are hostile to magicians and if left alone can build double armies to resist the players. Perhaps playable.

LOEB-9 (Daniel Loeb)

(1) MARK NELSON (15/1/93).

A nine-player variant based on an expanded regular board adding Norway and Spain as the new powers. Five new supply centres are added and the victory criteria is 20. Has been played by email. If you have access to email you can get the rules by sending the command GET INFO.LOEB9 to a judge.

LONDON NIGHTS (Andy Mansfield) pe17/07

(1) MIGUEL LAMBOTTE in SoL 2 (October 1990)

Seven gangs from North London want to take over South London. Will the police be able to stop them?

LUNATIC DIPLOMACY (Thomas Galloway) ug07/02-08 (1) Steve Agar and James Nelson in Spring Offensive 19, January 1994. A central planet with eight provinces is ringed by six orbits of satellites, the nearest orbit to the planet containing the smallest number of satellites with the outmost orbit to the planet containing the most satellites. Players may move between orbits. After every Autumn move all of the satellites move in their orbit, which results in a gradual shift in which provinces are adjacent to which. Whilst this is well handled, the concept may be a bit perplexing for most players.