B – Variant Descriptions

BALKAN WARS (David Schwartz)

(1) Robert Sacks in Lord of Hosts 10, July 1976.

Rules originally published in Asmodeus! 2. A seven-player farce among the mini-powers who gave us WWI, not quite ready for play as it lacks rules regarding landlocked powers, the various canals and straits. There are 19 land provinces and 19 of them are supply centers; victory criteria is to control seven of them for two consecutive turns.

BALKAN WARS R (David Schwartz)

(1) Robert Sacks in Lord of Hosts 11, November 1976.

Rules originally published in Asmodeus! 4. This version *is* playable. Serbia is still land-locked (perhaps no problem) and there are two four-points. There are five players with three centers each, two minor centers on land, and one island center; victory criterion is nine centers. Fleet transit through the Sea of Marmora is by permission of the power controlling the entrance.

BARBARIA (unknown)

(1) Andrew Poole in Outposts 6, October 1981.

Rules originally published in Thangorodrim in 1969. 8 players represent the major powers in the middle ages (Anglo-Saxons, Avars, Byzantine Empire, Franks, Lombards, Ostrogoths, Vandals and Visigoths) making it look like a very interesting variant.

BAWTINHIMER (Bob Bawtinhimer)

Rules originally published in Runestone 71.

(1) Robert Sacks in Lord of Hosts 5, June 1975.

Add Spain (actually Iberia), Warsaw is neutral, Russia starts with an army StP, four additional supply centers, sixteen new or substitute provinces and Syria connects to Sevastopol. It appears to have one four-point.

BETWEEN GALAXIES I (Lew Pulsipher) sg01/05-07

(1) Steve Agar and James Nelson in Spring Offensive 19, January 1994.

This variant is played on a hex map which represents a cluster of 24 galaxies of various types — regular and barred spirals, elliptical and irregular. Fleets may move in a straight line up to three empty hexes in length. There are no supply centres as such, hexes with galaxies in them have an economic value between 1 and 7, a fleet requiring five economic points to build or maintain. Fleets of the same power may co-exist in the same hex.


Published in Emhain Macha 2 (?? 1979)

(1) STEVE AGAR  circa September 1980

The game covers Strongbow’s invasion of Ireland in 1171, the English player having to cope with six Irish Clans. The only significant rule change is the introduction of three move seasons between builds (presumably because of the relatively small size of the board).


(1) Robert Sacks in Lord of Hosts 9, March 1976.

Originally published in Command 1. Many additional spaces including North America; some half centers; Bermuda, Cuba and Puerto Rico are spaces controlled by England, Russia and the US. Each major power starts with two atomic bombs and one anti-missile, and Switzerland and Canada each have a bomb for the first occupier. Several good features.

BIODIPLOMACY (Al and Tom Buracki)

Rules originally published in Ragweed 12. 

(1) Robert Sacks in Lord of Hosts 4, March 1975.

Without doubt one of the most complicated variants published, it actually resembles more of a wargame. Nine or ten players; five baboons, reptiles, insects, canines, felines and birds. 3-D movement. Separate types of unit for each species; economics, and units have multiple and half values. Optional rules include Monsoons and Hidden Movement Underground. There are Mountains, Rivers and a Swamp with special rules for each. I somehow do not think that it will serve as a diplomatic simulation of ecological competition.

BRITAIN (Danny Loeb and Bruce McIntyre [independently]) ??/07

(1) (review taken from the rec.games.diplomacy.FAQ file on 28/1/93)

In the Great Britain variant each English province is a supply center and England starts with six armies. Thus, England is the “strongest” country, but can’t do anything until another player agrees to convoy one of his armies (or he is forced to debuild one of his units and then builds a fleet after retaking the supply center).

The victory conditions are 19 centers. This variant has been run over internet, although why anyone would want to play in it…