Western Stalemate Lines

by “Hippie”

I have been trying to find some stalemate lines for Colonial Diplomacy (God,what a boring life I must lead!)

So far I have come up with these possibilities.Please feel free to shoot them down or send me other ones.

The Western Stalemate Line

This is a 12 sc stalemate using 10 units

F GoA hold
F Ara (sc) s F GoA hold
F Oma s F PG
F PG hold
A Shi s A Per
A Tab s A Per
A Per hold
A Ode s A Mos
A Bak s A Mos
A Mos hold

this alternative is a 10 sc stalemate with 8 units

In this one the Fleet in Shiraz also supports the Persian Gulf Fleet and the 3 Armies can actually just hold without giving any support

This is a 18 sc stalemate using 16 units
A Ode hold
A Bak hold
A Prs s A Afg hold
A Kar s A Afg hold
A Afg hold
A Kam s A Tib hold
A Pun s A Tib hold
A Tib hold
A Nep s A Ben hold
A Ben hold
A Luc s A Ben hold
F Hyd s F GoMan hold
F Mad s F GoMan hold
F GoMan hold
F Cey s F WIO hold
F WIO s F Cey hold

Other variations occur at the ends of the stalemate lines

this makes it a 20 sc stalemate using 17 units

F Hyd s F GoMan
F GoMan hold
F EIO s F Sum
F Sum hold
F SIO s F Jav hold
F Jav s F SIO hold

Another further progression to the east can result in this stalemate:

a 22 sc stalemate using 16 units
A Oms s A Akm hold
A Akm hold
A Tas s A Kir hold
A Kir hold
A Kag hold
A Kam s A Kag hold