Variations to the basic rules of Colonial Diplomacy

by “Hippie”

When Colonial Diplomacy was first published a few years ago, it contained a number of rules and ambiguities that confused people. As a result of this, a number of variations on the rules arose that were designed to overcome these mistakes or try to balance things up a bit.

However, it is recommended that The Moulmein Convention is followed in all games as it does NOT upset the balance of the game but does remove an unfair advantage to the Japanese player.

It should be remembered that the errata that Avalon Hill released in the General after the initial release of the game, have now been incorperated into the published rules that are supplied with the game. It should therefore be standard to include these in games or otherwise state VERY clearly that they are not to avoid any confusion!!

Below is a by no means comprehensive list of variations that I have come across

  1. Land bridge between Vladivostok and Sakhalin
  2. Turkey gains an extra Supply Centre in Syria but the Supply centre in Shiraz is removed
  3. China has unrestricted use of Hong Kong
  4. No unit needs to be present in Egypt after initial occupation to use the Suez Canal
  5. More than 1 Russian unit may use the TSR in a turn
  6. Other units may use the TSR in areas occupied by them e.g. if Omsk and Moscow were both in Turkish hands and no other opposing forces were present on the line then Turkey could move forces from Moscow to Omsk without restriction
  7. North Siam becomes a Supply centre for France but the Supply centre in Bangkok is removed
  8. Use of Standard Diplomacy timescale. The game starts in Spring 1870 followed by Fall 1870 followed by the 1870 build phase before moving onto 1871