Variant Articles

Variant Design

A Call To Arms Against Crap Variants by Stephen Agar
Changing the Diplomacy Map by Fred C. Davis and Don Miller
Conan the Barbarian by Mark Nelson
Designing Maps for Diplomacy Variants by Stephen Agar
Diplomacy – Default by Design? by Richard Egan
Elric of Melnibone by Mark Nelson and Stephen Agar
The Problem With Fantasy Variants by Stephen Agar
Three Variants Reviewed by Simon Szykman
Variations On A Theme by Andrew Poole
Weak Sisters Diplomacy by Richard Egan

Articles on Specific Variants


1900 – A Diplomacy Variant by Baron Powell

Ancient Mediterranean

Openings in the Ancient Mediterranean by Don Hessong
The Strategies of the Ancient Mediterranean by Don Hessong

Asian Diplomacy

The Big Dipper looks at the Asia Variant by Pitt Crandlemire

Babylon 5 Diplomacy

Babylon 5 Strategy & Tactics by by Theo Kermanidis


Why I Love Colonia VII by Gene Prosnitz

Colonial Diplomacy

Errata as published by Avalon Hill

CDD Lab Notes by Tom Pasko
Colonial Diplomacy – A Review by Shaun Derrick
Strategies for Colonial Diplomacy (Greg Dingle)
In The Colonial Stew: An Analysis of the Hot Spots in Colonial Diplomacy (Unknown)  
The Sun Never Sets: A Strategic Analysis of Colonial Diplomacy (Unknown)
OK Gunga Din, Now What? by “Hippie”
Variations to the basic rules of Colonial Diplomacy by “Hippie”
The Moulmein Convention by “Hippie”

Colonial Diplomacy Part 1 – The British by Shaun Derrick
Will The Sun Ever Set On The British Empire? by “Hippie”

Colonial Diplomacy Part 2 – The Chinese by Shaun Derrick
Bears, Bulls And Any Other Bugger. Keep Them Out Of China’s Shop by “Hippie”

Colonial Diplomacy Part 3 – The Dutch by Shaun Derrick
Fair Shares? Going Dutch In The Dutch East Indies by (“Hippie”)

Colonial Diplomacy Part 4 – The French by Shaun Derrick
Playing France in Colonial Diplomacy by Jim Burgess
French Indo-China. Another Vietnam? – Not With A Little Cochin (“Hippie”)

Colonial Diplomacy Part 5 – The Japanese by Shaun Derrick
Japan – The Land of Opportunity (Mike Oliveri)
The Rising Sun. Is Japan’s Star On The Up? by (“Hippie”)

Colonial Diplomacy Part 6 – The Russians by Shaun Derrick
Get a Little Train-in’ For Russia by (“Hippie”)

Colonial Diplomacy Part 7 – The Turks by Shaun Derrick
Opening Strategy for Turkey in Colonial Diplomacy (Mike Oliveri)  
Is it Thanksgiving again? Turkish Strategy for Colonial Diplomacy by Thomas Pasko
Between a Rock and A Hard Place: How to Work as the Turk by (“Hippie”)

Western Stalemate Lines by (“Hippie”)  
Central Stalemate Lines by (“Hippie”)  
Eastern Stalemate Lines by (“Hippie”)  
Suez Stalemate Lines by (“Hippie”)


The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Denis Jones


Heptarchy: Britain at War by Geoff Bache
Heptarchy and Bretwalda Twin Variants Based on Ancient Britain by Geoff Bache


Hundred: A Three Player Variant by Andy Schwarz

Intimate Diplomacy

An Intimate Affair by Pete Swanson
Intimate Diplomacy – Thoughts on Strategy and Tactics by Stephen Agar


Machiavelli – A Primer for Diplomacy Players by Chris Hassler  
Machiavelli – The State of the Art of the State by Bruce Duewer
Machiavelli – What Every Young Tyrant Should Know by Bruce Duewer

Maharajah’s Diplomacy

Design of a Variant – Maharajah’s Diplomacy by David E. Cohen


Mercator – The Marks by Stuart Dagger
Mercator XIV Opening Strategy by Steve Jones
Mercator – Hints for Beginners by Stuart Dagger

Middle Earth IX and X

Middle Earth IX & X Design Notes by Mark Nelson

Milan Diplomacy

Milan Diplomacy – A Variant Review by Toby Harris

Modern Diplomacy

Modern Times by Vincent Mous
Modern English (Britain) by Vincent Mous
Alexandria Rises Again (Egypt) by Vincent Mous
The Fifth Republic (France) by Vincent Mous
The Fourth Reich (Germany) by Vincent Mous
Forza Italia (Italy) by Vincent Mous
Five Down, Five to Go (New Openings) by Vincent Mous
The Pole Position (Poland) by Vincent Mous
From Russia with Love (Russia) by Vincent Mous
The Spanish Armada (Spain) by Vincent Mous
Turkish Delight (Turkey) by Vincent Mous
Super-Alliances in Modern Diplomacy by Theo Kermanidis
The Modern Art of War – Why Slovenia Isn’t A Space by Vincent Mous

No-Press / Gunboat Diplomacy

Communication in No-Press Diplomacy by Simon Szykman
Cassia Annotates a No-Press Game – Part 1 by Paul Windsor
 Cassia Annotates a No-Press Game – Part 2 by Paul Windsor
Some Thoughts on No-Press Opening Theory by Mike Yatchman
Other Thoughts On No-Press Opening Strategy by Brandon Clarke
Further Thoughts On No-Press Opening Strategy by Brandon Clarke
Still More Thoughts On No-Press Opening Strategy by Brandon Clarke
The Man in the Arena by Mario Huys

Payola Diplomacy

A User’s Guide to the Payola Variant Part I: The Basics by “Tarzan”
A User’s Guide to the Payola Variant Part II: Advanced Bribery by “Tarzan”
Thoughts on Play by Manus Hand
The Big Dipper looks at Payola by Pitt Crandlemire
Overheard at the Ministry of Finance by Frank Mayer
Tricks of the Trade by “Stimpson J. Cat”

Seismic Diplomacy

17eme – Seismic Diplomacy Game Report

Shift Variants

The Big Dipper Looks at the Shift Variants by Pitt Crandlemire

Zeus IV

A Brief History of Zeus IV and V by Fred C. Davis
Networking Zeus IV by Paul Barker