Y. Diplomacy-Related Games – Non-Variants

a. Articles

ya01Article – Game Variation (S&T #18)Rod Walker0n
ya02Article – Diplomacy (rules) (S&T #22)Rod Walker0n

c. Commercial Strategy/War Games

yc01Schoko & Co (rules translation only)Author Unknown0n
yc02Metropolis (rules only)J. Durrand2-5

e. 1830 variants

ye01Postal 1830Dick Martin2-6
ye02The CoalfieldsAlan Moon (Games Internation #6)2-6
ye031830!Bill Salvatore2-6
ye04A 7-Player Variant for 1830Bill Salvatore (requires ye11)4-7
ye05Cosmic 1830Author Unknown2-6
ye06More Cosmic 1830Russell deCastongrene2-6
ye071830 OptionsRick Pierce2-6
ye081830 VariantRichard Shagrin2-6
ye091830 Optional RulesRichard Shagrin2-6
ye10Rent-a-StationTom Swider2-10
ye11Take a Ride on the ReadingAlan Moon (The General #23,6)2-6

f. Fantasy Games

yf01Dungeons and DiplomacyAuthor Unknown0n
yf02C.U.T.E.Eliot Mujr0n

g. Amateur Strategy Games

yg01See yy01  
yg02Snowball Fighting  
yg03Colour DiplomacyBjorn Westling4-10
yg04Calhamer’s Naval GameAllan Calhamer2
yg05Cannibalism IJeremy Maiden0n
yg06Cannibalism IIJeremy Maiden and Andrew England0n
yg07Cannibalism IIIJeremy Maiden, Andrew England and Stephen Agar 0n
yg08Russian Front DiplomacyBrent Farha4
yg09SpacedipOla Hansson0n
yg10TributeAlan Parr3
yg11MiddlemanAlan Parr3
yg12DiadokhoiJean-Marc Zaninetti and Xavier Blanchot6
yg13SPQR IIMichael Mills4-6
yg14DiadokhoiJean-Marc Zaninetti6

k. Kingmaker and Variants

yk01Crown of ThornsSteve Doubleday4-10

m. Monetary games

ym01Bidders DiplomacyJohn Caruso 

o. Rules Modules / Add-ons to existing variants

yo01EconocatorDoug Wakefield 
yo02Universal A/F Rules ModuleStephen Agar 

p. Battle of Philosophy

yp01Utterly Ludicrous DiplomacyPete Doubleday7

r. Postal Rules for Other Games

yr01Postal Trivial PursuitDon Del Grande0n
yr02Postal CiviliztionBen Butterfield, Albert Parker and Alpha H. Borian02-07
yr03Postal En GardeAuthor Unknown0n
yr04Postal KremlinDon Del Grande0n
yr05See ye01 2-6
yr06Postal Sopwith RulesUnknown Author6
yr07See yy02 
yr08Britannia – Postal RulesScott Cameron0n

s. Stock Market/Currency in conjunction with Diplomacy

ys01Financial DiplomacyGavin Addison0n 
ys02Troubleshooter IIID. Garvey0n
ys03Bourse IAllan B Calhamer, John McCallum and Don Miller0n
ys04Bourse IIAllan B Calhamer, John McCallum and Don Miller0n
ys05Bourse IIIRichard Walkerdine, Allan B Calhamer, John McCallum and Don Miller0n
ys06War BondsJ. Van de Graff0n
ys07Emhamia BourseMike Mills0n
ys08ForexIam Whitchurch0n
ys09Win Place & Show DiplomacyStven Carlberg0n
ys10Machiavelli BourseStuart Schoenburger0n
ys11Exchange DiplomacyBruce Duewer0n

v. Variants of Monopoly

yv01Pure Bid MonopolyTom Swider2-8
yv02PyromonopolyTom Swider2-8

w. Amateur Wargames

yw01Free LancesAllan B. Calhamer2-12
yw02Falkland VariantJohn Ketchell2
yw03Imperator IIJohn Norris4
yw04KonigreichMichael Mills2-07
yw05Imperial TurmoilAuthor Unknown5
yw06Forlorn HopePaul McGivern6

y. Sports Games

yy01The Golden StriderAlan Parr0n
yy02The Championships – Play TennisAndreas Wirtz2
yy03Strategic Postal Australian Rules FootballMel Nicholson0n
yy04Promoter (Boxing Simulation)Author Unknown0n
yy05Owzat! (Cricket Simulation)Author Unknown0n
yy06Decathlon (Athletics Simulation)Author Unknown0n
yy07147 Break (Snooker Simulation)Author Unknown0n
yy08Grandslam (Tennis Simulation)Author Unknown0n
yy09League (Soccer Simulation)Martin Stonebridge0n
yy10UnitedAlan Parr0n
yy11Football (Soccer Simulation)Author Unknown0n

z. Word Games including scrabble

yz01DipsoscrabbleMarie-Anne Gillet0n
yz02Scrabble with UnScrabble (Rules only)Unknown Author0n
yz03Scrabble Variant CollectionR. Wayne Schmittberger0n
yz04Word ScrabbleJef Bryant0n
yz05To the Bitter EndMarie Anne Gillet0n
yz06Postal Duplicate ScrabbleJef Bryant0n