X. Expansions of the Regular Board

a. Extra Abstract or Unreal Spaces

xa01Black AngelsL. Pulsipher (CE 1)7
xa02Defeat the Devil DiplomacyMichael Hopcroft7

d. Added Area Not Directly Connected to Main Board

xd01Sacred Rhinoceros IMichel Liesnard (includes xd02)7
xd02Sacred Rhinoceros IIMichel Liesnard (included with xd01)7
xd03Sacred Rhinoceros IVM. Liesnard, F. Bido, P. Feyers, M. Lambotte, and Jef Bryant7

m. Youngstown Variants

xm01Youngstown Variant IIRod Walker10
xm02Youngstown Variant IV (“III”)Rod Walker and A. Phillips10
xm03Youngstown Variant V (“IV”)Rod Walker and M. Weidmark10
xm04Youngstown Variant VIIRod Walker and J. Massar10
xm05Youngstown Variant VIIIRod Walker and Dick Vedder (requires xm02)11
xm06Youngstown Variant IXRod Walker and Dick Vedder10
xm07Youngstown Variant XRod Walker and Dick Vedder9
xm08Youngstown Variant XI (Ushindi)Rod Walker and Dick Vedder8
xm09Youngstown Variant Tenth Anniversary EditionRod Walker et. al. (includes YV II thru XII complete) 
xm10Youngstown Variant VIRod Walker and Richard Walkerdine (British Version)10
xm12Youngstown Variant IIIRod Walker and Schaefer10
xm17LiMa 3 (a Youngstown Supplement)J. Macedoni and M. Liesnard10
xm18LiMa 5 (a Youngstown Supplement)J. Macedoni and M. Liesnard10
xm19Youngstown XIIIJeff Suchard, et. al.14
xm20Youngstown XIIIbBorger Borgerren14
xm21Youngstown XIVBorger Borgersen et al14
xm22Youngstown XVChris Warren et al21
xm23Youngstown IVaRod Walker, A. Phillips, Ken Lowe, Jon Monsarret10
xm24LiMa 5 – DefinitiveM Liesnard, J-P Macedona, G.A. Bryant and P. Lafontaine10

o. Other Designs with Large Areas Added East and/or South of the Main Board

xo01L’Imperialisme I (ex “xm11”)Lew Pulsipher8
xo02L’Imperialisme II (ex “xm14”)Lew Pulsipher and Fred Davis (includes xo03 and xo04)7
xo03L’Imperialisme II-A (ex “xm15”)Lew Pulsipher and Fred Davis (included with xo02)8
xo04L’Imperialisme II-B (ex “xm16”)Lew Pulsipher and Fred Davis (included with xo02)7
xo05Extended Diplomacy (ex “xm13”)Peter Scribner7

r. Board and Rules Changed

xr01Absurdity DiplomacyFred Davis6
xr02Absurdity Diplomacy IIFred Davis6