R. Rules Revisions Using the Regular Board (No or Minor Map Changes)

a. Regular Rules Plus Rules for Other Games

ra01Baseball DiplomacyLew Pulsipher7
ra02Diplomacy-Clue VariantFred Davis (modified map of “Clue” board included. Requires ownership of”Clue” rules)7
ra08Pass the Pigs DiplomacyPeter Sullivan7
ra09Poker DiplomacyCraig Brown7
ra10Life DiplomacyJef Bryant7
ra11Rock, Scissors, Paper DiplomacyPhil Reynolds7
ra12Play by Mail “Shogun”Kevin R. Burns 
ra13Scrabble DiplomacyJef Bryant7
ra14Monopoly Diplomacy???7
ra15Dungeons and Diplomacy???7

b. Change to One Basic Component Only
(Minor Revisions-Short Rules)
(see also Hidden Movement (rd), Economic Games (re), New Types of Units Only (rn))

rb01Active NeutralsRobert Sacks7
rb02Anonymity I and IIDon Miller7
rb03Anonymity IIILew Pulsipher7
rb04Bizarro Diplomacy (Anonymity IV)Lew Pulsipher7
rb05Bum’s RushA. Phillips (CE 1)7
rb06CognacR. Bart7
rb07Diplomatic DiplomacyMartin Janta-Polczynski7
rb08DND DiplomacyTrevor Baillie7
rb09Escalated DiplomacyD. Alderson (CE 1)7
rb10Fink Variant RuleHowdard Mahler7
rb11Lebling VariantD. Lebling7
rb12PhoenixM. Bullock7
rb13Take-Away DiplomacyD. Alderson (CE 1)7
rb14We’ve Been Shafted By a Guy Who Cancelled Out on UsGeorge Wallace6
rb15Diplowinn (Dafteor)Norman Nathan7
rb16Bridge DiplomacyKonrad Baumeister7
rb17Key’s Rule DiplomacyJ. Key7
rb18Cryptodiplomacy IJohn McCallum7
rb19Proxy PlomacyMick Bullock7
rb20SuccedaneumMark Berch7
rb21Second Chance DiplomacyDon Del Grande7
rb22Army / Fleet Rules ModuleFred Davis (CE 11)7
rb23PIG DiplomacyMartin Janta-Polczynski7
rb24Slimak’s RuleK. Slimak7
rb25Hidden StrengthRobert Sacks7
rb26Home Sweet HomeJ. Gross7
rb27Balance of PowerA. Phillips7
rb28TreacheryMartin Janta-Polczynski7
rb29Extremely Anonymous DiplomacyJ. Maiden7
rb30Catastrophe Diplomacy??7
rb31Telstar DiplomacyG. Neiger7
rb32Gunboat DiplomacyAuthor Unknown7
rb33Supply Centers IGareth Simon (includes rb34)7
rb34Supply Centers II (Napoleonic Variant)Gareth Simon (included with rb33)7
rb35Double Occupancy DiplomacyJim Williams7
rb36AliasW. Ives7
rb37Tugboat Diplomacy (a modified Gunboat Diplomacy)Ed Menders7
rb38Red Cross DiplomacyMalcolm Smith7
rb3934, 35, 36…Teun Spaans7
rb40Qharmah (Karma)Martin Janta-Polczynski7
rb41Fleet RomeRichard Sharp7
rb42Telepath DiplomacySteve Doubleday and Richard Walkerdine7
rb43One-Season DiplomacyDave Thorby7
rb44Off-Board Box Rules ModuleFred Davis (CE 11) 
rb45Wild Bill Donovan VariantLarry Peery23
rb46Fellow TravellerSteve Doubleday7
rb47Ambiguite IIMartin Janta-Polczynski7
rb48Pacifist DiplomacyNicky Palmer (includes rs14) (ex “ra04”)7
rb49Plague (II)Adam Gruen (ex “ra05”)7
rb50Chained LightningSteve Doubleday7
rb51Legalese DiplomacyPeter McDonald and Andrew England7
rb52Completely Insane DiplomacyMick Haytack7
rb53Minefield Diplomacy IIMark Nelson and Geroge Beccaloni7
rb54Future Tense DiplomacyRichard Young7
rb55Superpower DiplomacyAlex Richardson7
rb56Wizard’s DiplomacyIan Whitchurch7
rb57Sorcerous DiplomacyGlenn Miles7
rb58British GunboatMartin Hansen7
rb59Gunboat IIFred Davis7
rb60Slightly Democratic DiplomacyGuy Thomas7
rb61Corner DiplomacyEric Brosius7
rb62Get Them Dots Now!Lee Kendter, Jr.7
rb63Propaganda DiplomacyMichael Hopcroft7
rb64Bid Diplomacy??7
rb65Mind ReaderEric Brosius7
rb66MacArthur DiplomacyEric Brosius7
rb67Sue for peace DiplomacyAndrew England7
rb68Eurotunnel DiplomacyAndrew Poole7
rb69Friendship DiplomacyGlenn Overby7
rb70Social Security DiplomacyEric Brosius7
rb71Pet Store DiplomacyJeff Suchard7
rb72Plague Ship DiplomacyJeff Suchard7
rb73Jellyfish DiplomacyJesse Severe7
rb74Humphrey’s DiplomacyBrian Duguid7
rb75Minefield Diplomacy IGeorge Beccalon7
rb76Prisoner’s DilemmaMike Ohren7
rb77Scargill DiplomacyPaul Bennett7
rb78Winter 1898Randy Davis7
rb79Partisan Bid DiplomacyAuthor Unknown7
rb80Armistice DiplomacyPer Westling7
rb81Berserker DiplomacySteve Doubleday7
rb82Fagin’s DiplomacySteve Doubleday7
rb83Truth or DareBjorn Westling7
rb84Crowded DiplomacyAuthor Unknown11
rb85Don DiplomacyAdrian and Paul Appleyard7
rb86Scorched Earth DiplomacyJohn Morgan7
rb87Passable SwitzerlandPhilippe Crepey7
rb88The Mad Italian!Patrice Verry6
rb89The PopePatrice Verry8
rb90Second Chance Diplomacy IIFred Davis7
rb91Illegal GunboatPatrick Lafontaine7
rb92Extra Supply CentersJef Bryant7
rb93Speedboat DiplomacyAndy Bate7
rb94NMR DiplomacyJef Bryant7
rb95Shift Left and Shift RightRick Westerman and Josh Smith7
rb96Diplomacy For Less Than SevenRoger Cooper 2-6
rb97Diplomacy for Eight to TenLew Pulsipher8-9-10 
rb98Dwarf Throwing DiplomacyJohn Morgan7
rb99Plague DiplomacyJonathan Heaney7
rb100Victory Point DiplomacyRoger Cooper7
rb101Viking Diplomacy IIIIan Whitchurch8
rb102Annoyance DiplomacyAuthor Unknown8
rb103GoofyRobert Rehbold7
rb104Partial-Press GunboatAuthor Unknown7
rb105FlaggshippJason Wilke7
rb106Sabotage DiplomacyAndy Bassett7
rb107Evil EmpireGraham Staplehurst7
rb108Prediction variantNils Lindeberg and Bjorn von Knorring7
rb109Pact DiplomacyGary Donovan7
rb110InvasionMichael Ribciro 
rb111Winter 1898 IIRandy Davis and Stephen Agar7
rb112PartisanBryan Betts7
rb113ReplayAlexander Woo7
rb114Goals DiplomacyVincent Mous7
rb115Gunboat (for JUDGE)???7
rb116Mobilization DiplomacyTim Miller7
rb117Ooh Ever So Nasty DiplomacyBrian Creese and Ken Bain7
rb118Portage VariantRobert McMillan7
rb119River DiplomacyDennis Brennan7
rb120TouchAndy Schwarz7
rb121ChronosWes Malkin7
rb122Alpha VariantLibby McAfee7
rb123XenophobiaStephen Agar7
rb124Phased DiplomacyRobert Rehbold7
rb125Rapid Deployment DiplomacyMikko Saari7
rb126X2Jake Lloyd7
rb127DecimationDon Brown7

c. Players Change Rules During Game

rc01Hague Night CourtMike Dominskyj7
rc02Somewhat Demiurgic DiplomacyNick Kinzett7
rc03Erratic Diplomacy IIRod Chamberlin7
rc04Deviant DiplomacyIgnatz Lew (ex “rs32”)7
rc05Shifting Diplomacy??7
rc06People’s DiplomacyGlenn Overby7
rc07Totally Random DiplomacyPaul Bennett7
rc08Deviant Diplomacy IIPhil Reynolds7
rc09DipnomicyArkady English and Peter Suber7
rc10Dipnomicy IIArkady English and Peter Suber7

d. Hidden Movement

rd01Kriegspiel Diplomacy IBuddy Tretick7
rd02DiplomyopiaColin Hemming7
rd03Kriegspiel Diplomacy IIBuddy Tretick (includes rd04)7
rd04Kriegspiel Diplomacy IIIBuddy Tretick (included with rd03)7
rd05Deadman DiplomacyBob Arnett7
rd06Disorganized DiplomacyLew Pulsipher7
rd07Kriegsplomacy (Kriegspiel Diplomacy IV)Allen Wells and Don Woods7
rd08Blind DiplomacyLee Kendter, Sr.7
rd09Universal StabAndy Evans and Stephen Agar7
rd10Stab IAndy Evans7
rd11Ultra-StabMalcolm Brown and Paul Pebble (requires rd10)7
rd12Stab IIIAndy Evans and Stephen Agar7
rd13Delayed StabTom Swider7
rd14Blind DeadmanRobert J. Smith7
rd15InfiltrationElmer Hinton7
rd16Spy DiplomacyJim Burgess7
rd17Time LordsSteve Doubleday7
rd18Blind Diplomacy – 1801Doug Brown7
rd19SublomacySteve Doubleday7
rd20Limited IntelligenceIan Whitchurch7
rd21Seeing is BelievingEric Brosius7
rd22Fog of WarPhil Reynolds7
rd23MegaStabGlenn Overby7
rd24Blind Diplomacy IIEric Klien7
rd25Secret Spy DiplomacyGarrett Schenck7
rd26Nuit et Brouillard (Night and Fog)Philippe Crepey7
rd27Artes’ Blind Diplomacy7
rd28Dark DiplomacyLuca Barontini7
rd29Stab!Andy Evans & Stephen Agar7
rd30Timelords IISteve Doubleday7
rd31Multiverse DiplomacySteve Doubleday7
rd32LIPDIPMichael Norrish7
rd34Seven Blind Whisperers In One Big DarknessMikko Saari7

e. Economic Games (see also cc08, ge)

re01Economic Diplomacy IJerry Pournelle7
re02Economic Diplomacy IIJerry Pournelle and Don Miller7
re03Economic Diplomacy IVFred Davis7
re04Economic Diplomacy IIIR. Shagrin7
re05Super-economic Diplomacy (Dollar Diplomacy)F. Mulhauser7
re06Diplomacy with Escalating TechnologyDer Garvey (requires re03)7
re07MiniecGeoff Challinger7
re08DipconomyDaryl Kibble7
re09PlutonomyTom Swider7
re10Scrutiny and HonestyTeun Spaans7
re11DiProductionE. Hinton 
re12Patterson’s DiplomacyMike Mills7
re13EconopolicyMike Dominskyj7
re14Mercenary Diplomacy IIPatrick McHale7
re151901-ShareholdersEric Brosius7
re16Investment DiplomacyLarry Cronin7
re17Perestroika Diplomacy (incomplete?)Larry Cronin7
re18Business DiplomacyGeoff Challinger (?)7
re19Interest of Trade …Thomas M. Kane7
re20Perestroika VILarry Cronin7
re21Economic Enhancement DiplomacyUnknown7
re22Perestroika VLarry Cronlon7

f. Fewer Players Than Seven (see also rx, rz)

rf015-Man Game (in 1961 rule book)Allan Calhamer5
rf026-Man Game (in 1961 rule book)Allan Calhamer6
rf03Napoleonic Diplomacy (I) (5-Man Game, 1966 rule book)Allan Calhamer5
rf045-Man Game IIAllan Calhamer and Fred Davis5
rf074-Man Game (per current rules)Allan Calhamer4
rf085-Man Game (per current rules)Allan Calhamer5
rf096-Man Game (per current rules)Allan Calhamer6
rf104-Man Diplomacy“Tarzan”4
rf11Missing ManScott Kasch and Manus Hand 
rf12TaskdipAndreas Kueck 
rf13FiascomacyMartin Edwardes 
rf144-Man Game (per 1961 rules)Allan Calhamer4
rf15Escalation Diplomacy IIEdi Birsan 

g. Special Powers/Characteristics

rg01Vain Rats II (?)Richard Sharp7
rg02Vacation Diplomacy IDan Kuszynski and Al Rodriguez7
rg03Unplayable Card DiplomacyStephen Agar7
rg04Vacation Diplomacy IIIDan Kuszynski and Fred Davis7
rg05Vain Rats IRichard Sharp7
rg06Character DiplomacyFred Davis7
rg07Vain Rats IIIRichard Downes7
rg08Vain Rats IVRichard Sharp and Guy Thomas7
rg09Definitive Vain RatsMark Nelson7
rg10Vacation Diplomacy IVFred Davis7
rg11Vain StarAndy Bate7
rg12Cosmic Diplomacy IIRuss Rusnak7
rg13Questionable Character DiplomacyLee Kendter, Jr.7
rg14Character Diplomacy IIJohn Galt and Fred Davis7
rg15Character Diplomacy (Batyville Version)Ralph Baty7
rg16Illuminated Vain RatsAuthor Unknown8
rg17The Tarot VariantSteve Doubleday7
rg18Diplomacy: The Gathering IStephen Agar7
rg19Diplomacy: The Gathering IIStephen Agar7
rg20Warlock Diplomacy???7

h. Home Centers Assigned at Random; Large Number of Players

rh01Anarchy IDon Miller (ex “rs01”)34
rh02Anarchy IIDon Miller (ex “rs17”)17
rh03Anarchy IVLew Pulsipher (ex “rs02”)7
rh04Anarchy VLew Pulsipher (ex “rs03”) 
rh05Anarchy VILew Pulsipher (ex “rs04”) 
rh06Chaos IIMichel Feron34
rh07MegalomaniaGeorge Wallace and Randolph Bart (ex”rs09”)15
rh08Diplodocus IPaul Meerts (ex “rs36”)34
rh09Diplodocus IINick Kinzett 
rh10Anarchy VIIJeremy Tullett (ex “rs39”) 
rh11Terrestrial ChaosJef Bryant 
rh12Ultimate ShamblesMichel Malhomme7
rh13ChaosAuthor Unknown34
rh14Half ChaosAuthor Unknown17

k. Earlier and Pirated Versions

rk011961 1966 rule bookAllan Calhamer7
rk02Brazilian Variant (1914) (In Portuguese)Sold in Brazil by Grow Productos (Pirated) (plus seven page English translation)7

m. Major Revisions (Medium-complexity Rules)

rm01Anonymous DiplomacyJohn Lovibond7
rm02Bolshevik IHartley Patterson8
rm03Coast-Running VariantEric Verheiden7
rm04Foe-NazuRandolph Bart7
rm05Grand Fenwick’s Revenge DiplomacyStephen Tihor 
rm06IntrigueSteve Doubleday 
rm07Militarism IIILew Pulsipher7
rm08Nuclear Diplomacy II (“I”)Jad Dittmar7
rm09Shadow DiplomacyNick Shears7
rm10Treaty DiplomacyRod Walker7
rm11Twin Earths Diplomacy IIILew Pulsipher14
rm12Variants of the GhodsLew Pulsipher7
rm13Third Man DiplomacyBuddy Tretick21
rm14Blitzkrieg Diplomacy IBuddy Tretick7
rm15Realistic VariantsLew Pulsipher7
rm16Halocaust Diplomacy(“I”)Laurence Gillespie (also needs 1973 rules for something called “Halocaust”)7
rm17Ten-Man Diplomacy(I)Keith Black10
rm18Stabber’s DiplomacyKonrad Baumeister7
rm19Simulation Diplomacy IR. Shagrin35
rm21Ten-Man Diplomacy IIGlenn Overby (includes rm22)10
rm22Woolworth Diplomacy (I)Glenn Overby (included with rm21)5
rm23The Lords of Law and ChaosLew Pulsipher7
rm25SER OptionalsScott Rich7
rm26RevolutionStephen Agar 
rm27City / Country DiplomacyMartin Janta-Polczynski7
rm28There Are Aliens Among UsPaul Willey8
rm29Great Neck VariantKen Halpern7
rm30Militarism IVLew Pulsipher7
rm31Fluid Diplomacy IIRobert Sacks7
rm33StraticsSteve Doubleday7
rm34PlutocracyPete Sealy7
rm35TransmatPaul Willey7
rm36Terrorism IWill Haven7
rm38Multi-DiplomacyMatt Quarterman7
rm40Utterly Ruthless DiplomacyDerwood Bowen7
rm41Dipshomashy (Pubcrawling Diplomacy)Richard Sharp7
rm43EnvoyPete Calcraft and Andy Poole 
rm44Political TerrorismScott Cameron14
rm45Steal Away HomeFred Davis7
rm46Martian DiplomacyJonathan Lingard8
rm48Blitzkrieg Diplomacy IIJohn Norris7
rm50Imperial DiplomacyPete Calcraft and Andy Poole7
rm51DiplobucksTom Cooper (ex “ra06”)7
rm52Apocalypse 1900David Russell7
rm53GITDipAndy Bate, Guy Thomas, Dave Richards and Eddy Richards7
rm54Dune DiplomacyCalvin Dytham and John Hickman (not related to Dune fantasy games. Uses regular board)7
rm57Dynastic Diplomacy IVSteve Doubleday and Mike Woodhouse7
rm59Astrological DiplomacyGordan Rycroft7
rm60Ten-Player Diplomacy??10
rm62Serbs and SuspectsThomas Kane8
rm63Diplomatic EncountersRick Dorsey and Steve Spriggs7
rm64Cabinet DiplomacySteve Doubleday21
rm65InsurrectionGlenn Overby 
rm68LiteromacyMichael Gibson7
rm69Algorithmic DiplomacyGlenn Overby7
rm70Crazy Whacko (CW) HeptadiplomacyMark Nelson7
rm71DipsomacyRichard Sharp (requires rm41)7
rm72Toxic DiplomacyPhil Reynolds7
rm73Mitotic DiplomacyPhil Reynolds7
rm74Musical Diplomacy IIDanny Loeb 
rm75Cabinet Diplomacy IIPhil Reynolds7
rm76Shell Shock DiplomacyStephen Agar7
rm77Cluster DiplomacySteve Doubleday7
rm78Silent Seven DiplomacyAuthor Unknown7
rm79DualityEric Brosius7
rm80It Came From Outer SpaceDan Percival 
rm81Twin Earths VPatrick Lafontain7
rm82Backseat Driver DiplomacySimon Szykman 
rm83The Enemy Within!Stephen Agar7
rm84Dune Diplomacy IICalvin Dytham and John Hickman7
rm85ParanoiaGeraint Morgan & Dylan O’Donnell7
rm86PayolaManus Hand and John Woolley7
rm87DemocracyDean Gordon and Jeff Serandos7
rm88Factional DiplomacyMartin Kennedy7
rm89PropagandaMatthew Wright7
rm90Double DiplomacyMelle Koning7
rm91Formal DiplomacyE. Sabatine7
rm92Zero Sum PayolaMichael Schmahl7
rm93Tin Cup DiplomacyManus Hand and John Woolley7
rm94Payola ClassicManus Hand and John Woolley7
rm95Civilization Diplomacy VariantBabak Talebi 
rm96Arms Merchant DiplomacyChris Fawcett 

n. New Type(s) of Unit(s) Only

rn01Air-Sea Diplomacy (Breakthrough Diplomacy II)Buddy Tretick7
rn02Dreadnought DiplomacyDavid Burkett7
rn03Hard Choice DippyDon Efron7
rn04MicroDiplomacyDon Miller7
rn05Multiplicity (I)Richard Walkerdine7
rn06GrowthKeith Black7
rn07Multiplicity IIKeith Black7
rn08Air Diplomacy IIMartin Janta-Polczynski7
rn09PalantirriLen Lakofka7
rn10Terrorism (II)Jerry Lucas7
rn11Bio-WarGlenn Overby7
rn12M.A.D. DiplomacyGraham Tunnicliffe7
rn13Nuclear Diplomacy (I)Jeremy Maiden7
rn14Heisenberg DiplomacyJeremy Maiden7
rn15Guerilla WarfareAndy Tringham7
rn16BlowupNelson Millar and Ron Brown7
rn17Dirigible DiplomacyLew Pulsipher7
rn18Espionage IIIan Shearer7
rn19Air Diplomacy IMartin Janta-Polczynski7
rn20M.A.D. Diplomacy IIJohn Norris7
rn21Marine DiplomacyAndy Poole7
rn22Espionage IIIRichard Sharp7
rn23Gigaton Bomb VariantLeonard Miyata (ex “ra03”)7
rn24Leadership Rules ModuleLew Pulsipher and Fred Davis (ex “ra07”) (CE 11) 
rn25Nuclear Diplomacy IIIMark Nelson and Dave Cowie7
rn26Covert DiplomacyTom Dousette7
rn27ElitistBryan Betts7
rn28Tunnels and TrogsEric Willis 
rn29Nuclear Diplomacy IVMark Nelson, John Norris and Paul Willey7
rn30Nuclear Diplomacy V (2000)Cal White (based on N.D. IV)7
rn31Air War 1917Steve Doubleday7
rn32Bomber DiplomacyDerick Green7
rn33Espionage Diplomacy IVPete Tulk and Kevin Matthews7
rn34Nuclear DestructionMark Nelson7
rn35Air War DiplomacyDavid Staples7
rn36AtomicAndy Bate7
rn37Ariante RazziaFrancois Budaf7
rn38Airforce DiplomacyNeil Duncan7
rn39Nuclear Yuppie Evil Empire DiplomacyRichard Young7
rn41Bi-Plane DiplomacyStven Carlberg7
rn42Multiplicity PlusRichard Walkerdine and Stephen Agar7
rn43Simple MultiplicityStephen Agar and Richard Walkerdine7
rn44Air Units???7
rn45Hugh’s Engineered Diplomacy VariantHugh Polley7
rn46Air Power DiplomacyDouglas J. Burgoyne7

p. Essays/Compilations On/Of Simple Variants (see also rm15/07)

rp01Simple Diplomacy VariantsLew Pulsipher 
rp02Compilation of Simple VariantsLew Pulsipher7

r. Random and Chaotic Alterations of the Map

rr01Black Hole Diplomacy IRandolph Bart7
rr02Dilatory DiplomacyScott Rosenberg7
rr03Diluvian DiplomacyMatthew Diller7
rr04Fourth DimensionPeter Swanson and Graham Jeffrey7
rr05Irish Diplomacy IColin Walsh21
rr06Near Utter ChaosScott Rosenberg et. al.7
rr07Schizodiplomacy IIMick Bullock7
rr08Utter ChaosScott Rosenberg, Greg Costikyan and Ray Heuer7
rr09Black Hole Diplomacy II (Nelson-Drews Black Hole)Rob Nelson and Harry Drews (requires rr01)7
rr10Black Hole Diplomacy III??7
rr11DudnessScott Rosenberg and Greg Costikyan7
rr12Blob DiplomacyD. Barlow7
rr13Migrating Supply Center?Lew Pulsipher?7
rr14Schizodiplomacy IM. Bullock (requires rr01)7
rr15SquashB. Grossman7
rr16Black Plague DiplomacyGlenn Overby7
rr17Seismic DiplomacyPierre Lavaurs (includes rr21)7
rr18Glacial DiplomacyGraham Staplehurst7
rr19Almost Near Utter ChaosElmer Hinton7
rr20Irish Diplomacy IIMark Nelson7
rr21Intimate Seismic DiplomacyMatt Quartemain2
rr22Musical DiplomacyJohn Galt7
rr23LSD DiplomacyGavin Addison7
rr24Black Hole Diplomacy IV???7

s. Major Revisions With Simple Rules

rs01See rh01
rs02See rh03
rs03See rh04
rs04See rh05
rs05Chaos IDon Miller34
rs06ConfewshunDavid Staples7
rs07DeviantsJonathan Hall7
rs08Fluid Diplomacy IPeter Aronson7
rs10Mercenary (I)Colin Bennett5
rs11Random DiplomacyColin Bennett7
rs12Random Paralysis DiplomacyD. Kadlecek7
rs13Red Herring DiplomacyD. Alderson (CE 1)7
rs14Shadow WorldsNicky Palmer (included with rb48)7
rs15Tri-State VariantRick Brooks11
rs16Twin Earths Diplomacy IDon Miller7
rs17See rh02
rs18The Transatlantic VariantRon Melton7
rs19Democratic DiplomacyTim Sharrock35
rs20Flexible Build DiplomacyAllen Wells7
rs21Bolshevik IIPatterson and Martin Janta-Polczynski8
rs22Bolshevik IIIPatterson and Martin Janta-Polczynski8
rs23Erratic DiplomacyMartin Janta-Polczynski7
rs24Sequential DiplomacyNicholas Hoyle7
rs25Diplomacy and DominoesDavid Bolton et. al.7
rs26Cartel DiplomacyBrown and Loveys7
rs27Pudge Don’t BudgeJohn Caruso7
rs29Karma LeagueJeremy Maiden7
rs30Python DiplomacyD. DelGrande7
rs31Modern DiplomacyWilliam Stapel7
rs33Mixed BreedMark Coldiron7
rs34Scavenger Hunt DiplomacyMark Lew7
rs35Winter 1900 (similar to Flexible Build Diplomacy, rs20)John Norris7
rs37AufmarschplanUlrich Blennemann7
rs38AufrustungUlrich Blennemann7
rs41AntithesisSteve Doubleday7
rs42Suicidal DiplomacyMichael Hopcroft7
rs43Scorched Earth and SpringtimePatrick Connaughton7
rs44ClassixMartin Janta-Polczynski6
rs45Democratic Diplomacy IIB. Brown7
rs46War of EuropeIan Giles7
rs47Death-Ray DiplomacyDavid J. Perry7
rs48Chaos DiplomacyRichard Weiss7
rs49Provincial DiplomacyJef Bryant7
rs511897Mark Nelson, Josh Smith & Rick Westerman7
rs591898Randy Davis 
rs52Random Diplomacy IIKevin Ames 
rs53Layered DiplomacyRalan Hill7
rs54Minor Power???19
rs55War of Europe II?? (same as rs46?)7
rs56Setup DiplomacyDavid M Stewart7
rs571913Jeff Kase15
rs58New Nations DiplomacyStephen Agar7
rs59DelegationSteve Holmes35

t. Team Games (see also ct01)

rt01Team Game (3×3) Italy OmittedDon Miller (includes rt02)6
rt02Team Game (3×3) Turkey OmittedDon Miller (included with rt01)6
rt03Team Game (3×3) with Wild Card Player IDon Miller7
rt04Team Game (3×3) with Wild Card Player II (uses board for 9-Man Diplomacy I (cn02))Don Miller7
rt05Team Game (3×3) with Wild Card Player IVDon Miller7
rt06Vote (Elective Diplomacy II)Steve Doubleday 
rt07Elective Diplomacy ISteve Doubleday 
rt08Killtest, 3 x 3 Team game (Austria omitted)Andy Mansfield6
rt09Bud BopTom Swider6
rt10Diplomacy Teams??7

u. Players Remake Map or Map Alters Progressively

ru01Geophysical Diplomacy IIJeremy Maiden, revised by Keith Black7
ru02DelugeTim Sharrock7
ru03Geophysical Diplomacy IJeremy Maiden7
ru04Geophysical Diplomacy IIINick Kinzett7
ru05Impassable DiplomacyLee Kendter, Jr.7
ru06Into the VoidAndy Bate7
ru07Definitive DelugeTim Sharrock7
ru08Isostatic DiplomacySteve Doubleday7
ru09FloodKenneth Samuel7
ru10Deluge IITim Sharrock and Stephen Agar7
ru11SaharaKyalo Brooks7
ru12DiplomapMichael Harvath7
ru13Wall of IceDavid E. Cohen7

v. Major Revisions With Complex Rules

rv01ComplotEvans Jones 
rv02Espionage IRichard Sharp7
rv03Hyperspace Diplomacy IIDon Miller7
rv04Mad DiplomacyJon Lovibond7
rv05Militarism ILew Pulsipher7
rv06Para-Time IDon Miller7
rv07Sword and SorceryScott Rich7
rv08Anarchy IIID. Miller17
rv09Grand Tournament DiplomacyDrew McGee 
rv10Naval Diplomacy (Bloody Diplomacy)Konrad Baumeister7
rv11Cryptodiplomacy IIGlenn Overby7
rv12See re12
rv13Deadly Dirty DiplomacyM. Lind7
rv143-D’plomacyStephen Lee14
rv15PoliticonPaul Meerts and Willem Schoppen7
rv16Diplomacy IIRiley Geary7
rv171914 DiplomacyLew Pulsipher (The General, March 1980)5
rv18Diplomacy RoyaleJohn Pitre7
rv19Axis & Allies Meets Diplomacyby Lexi Pimenidis7
rv20International RelationsMichael Golbe7

w. Alternate Past or Future

rw01ColonisationLew Pulsipher 
rw02Holy Roman EmpireLew Pulsipher7
rw03The AliensLew Pulsipher 
rw04Return to the Old WorldGlenn Overby 
rw05Colonization Diplomacy IIMichael Allaway8
rw06Neutrals DiplomacyRicardo Moraes5

x. Two Players Only

rx01Ghostly Ghastly DiplomacyGeorge Wallace (included with rx04)2
rx02Intimate Diplomacy ISteve Wyatt2
rx03Intimate Diplomacy I-AAdrien Baird, Steve Doubleday and Steve Wyatt2
rx04Novice VariantRick Brooks (includes rx01)2
rx05Two-Player DiplomacyLew Pulsipher2
rx06Two-Man DiplomacyH. Naus2
rx07World War I DiplomacyJohn Boardman2
rx08Two-Man Diplomacy IILarry Peery2
rx09Two-Man Diplomacy III (FRT v. EGI)B. Lindsay2
rx10Foreknowledge DiplomacyStephen Agar2
rx11Envoy IIPeter Calcraft and Andy Poole2
rx12Intimate StabMatt Quartemain2
rx13Two-Man Blind DiplomacyLee Kendter, Sr2
rx14Intimate Stab IIMichael Heaton2
rx15Downfall of Your SanityStephen Jilks2
rx161914-IIRichard Egan2
rx17The Great WarRichard Egan (publisher) (Tournament Rules)2
rx181914 (ACM)Gordon McDonald2
rx19AutarchySteven Jilks2
rx20World War One (b)Author ??. Cy by M. Lewis (needs rx07)2
rx211914-IIIStephen Jilks (needs rx16)2
rx22The Great War II??2
rx23One-on-One DiplomacyGlenn Overby2
rx24Duel!Glenn Overby2
rx25Code DuelloGlenn Overby5
rx261914 (SJ)Steve Jones2
rx272-player variant for DiplomacyDavid Segal2
rx282-Man Game (per current rules)Allan Calhamer2
rx29Intimate Diplomacy IIDave Allen2
rx30DuoFrank Hegermann2

y. One Player Only

ry01Solo DiplomacyLew Pulsipher1

z. Three Players Only (see also “uu03”)

rz01Three-Player DiplomacyLew Pulsipher3
rz02Three-Handed DiplomacyEdi Birsan3
rz03Catspaw DiplomacyRon Melton, Mike Ritter and Kevin Rowland3
rz04Two-Plus DiplomacyPete Calcraft 
rz05Escalation DiplomacyGreg Costikyan 
rz06TrioplomacyGlenn Overby3
rz07Tadek Dip (3-way Intimate)Steve Doubleday3
rz083-Man Game (per current rules)Allan Calhamer3
rz09High Speed DiplomacySteve Jilks3
rz103-Man Game (per 1961 rules)Allan Calhamer3