M.  Europe, 476-1500 (Medieval)

a. 476-900

ma01Lest Darkness Fall DiplomacyGreg Costikyan7
ma02BarbariaRussell Tulp8
ma03Medieval Diplomacy IAndrew England6
ma04Medieval Diplomacy IIAndrew England6
ma05Medieval Diplomacy IIITom Lake7
ma06Medieval Diplomacy IVBrendan Whyte (requires ma05)5
ma07Medieval Diplomacy V (“III”)Andrew England5
ma08Year 1000Jerome Spinoza (Rules in French)7
ma09Raids IFlorent Montauban (Rules in French)7
ma10Raids IIFlorent Montauban and Jean-Marc Suzzoni (Rules in French)7
ma11The Faith and the Sword IIJean-Yves Priou6
ma12Viking Diplomacy IVJoe Janbu8

b. 901-1050

mb01Feudalism(“II”) (Imperialism X)Rod Walker11
mb021000 A.D. IIJon Lovibond7
mb031000 A.D. IIIJon Lovibond7
mb04StonehengeMike Lee10
mb05Millenium (1000 AD)Steve Doubleday12
mb06Stonehenge Diplomacy IIMichael Lee10
mb07Heir to Charlamagne“All” 

c. 1051-1200

mc01Excommunication IIGreg Costikyan13
mc02Holy Roman Empire IIMichael Heaton (requires rw02)5
mc03Norman Europe, 1100Gerald Drews7
mc04CrusadomacyGary Gygax7
mc05The Crusader Kingdoms of OutremerDuncan Jones and Justin Marx7
mc06Crusade 1200Tommy Larsson and John Pitre9

d. 1201-1350

md01Storm from the EastStephen Agar8
md02Storm from the East IIStephen Agar8


me01Renaissance DiplomacyEarle Ratcliffe and Michael Cuffaro7
me02The Fall of ConstantinopleAndré Leme-Lopes7
me03Medieval Diplomacy VI [2]Gytis Karciauskas8
me04Renaissance Diplomacy IIEarle Ratcliffe and Michael Cuffaro7
me05The Known WorldStephen Agar5

i. Indeterminate Date

mi01Alternate World Diplomacy ISteve Perrin6
mi02Alternate World Diplomacy IISteve Perrin5
mi03Feudal Diplomacy IL. Pulsipher (includes FD-FV, fn06)