L. Central and South America

b. Both Central and South America

lb01America Latina 1821Philippe Janssens6
lb02Latin American DiplomacyMichael Zmolek12

c. Central America

lc01Central American DiplomacyRussell Fox7
lc02Caribbean DiplomacySteph Mabie5
lc03Pirates of the CaribbeanSteph Mabie7
lc04KaribikMartin Asal8
lc05Reagan DiplomacyJim Cheaney5
lc06Caribbean Diplomacy IISteph Mabie4

r. One region / small area

lr01The MayaJohn Boyer8
lr02Amazon DiplomacyCristiano Corte Restitutti7
lr03ParaguayPatrick Walmsley3

s. South America

ls01Continent IAndrew Phillips6
ls02Guelph VariantBob Bawtinheimer5
ls03Continent IIAndrew Phillips and Fred Davis6
ls04Generalissimo VRichard Egan and Steve Franklin (includes ls05 and ls06)5
ls05Generalissimo VIRichard Egan and Steve Franklin (included with ls04)6
ls06Generalissimo-Gunboat VersionRichard Egan and Steve Franklin (included with ls04) 
ls07Mickey Mouse, King of BoliviaSteve Solomon5
ls08South America 3.2Erlend Janbu4
ls09South America 5.1Erlend Janbu5
ls10South American SupremacyBenjamin Hester8