G. Global Games

e. Global/Economic

ge01Hypereconomic Diplomacy IIDon Miller and Peter Ansoff 3rd Edition, 197647
ge03Hypereconomic Diplomacy IVTerry Mohrmann, Mike Bentley and Steve Norris48
ge04Hypereconomic Diplomacy VTerry Mohrmann 
ge05Hypereconomic Diplomacy I-ADon Miller, Peter Ansoff, Steve Norris 
ge06Hypereconomic Diplomacy IIIGeoff Challinger and Don Miller 
ge07Perestroika Final ConflictMark Strouthes (Requires re17 and gf20)7
ge08EcodipFrancois Budai (Rules in French)10
ge09SuperMegaEcoDipAuthor Unknown (Rules in French)21
ge10NucleodipJean-Yves Cornu (Rules in French)10

f. 1921 Onwards

gf01HolocaustSteve McLendon9
gf02Small World Diplomacy IIFred Davis8
gf03World DiplomacyWilliam Stapel7
gf04World War IV DiplomacySteve Langs6
gf052001Rod Walker 3-10
gf06Das Dippyspiel (Imperialism XII)Rod Walker28
gf07Futur WarB. Sherrad9
gf08Small World Diplomacy II-RFred Davis8
gf09Zeus IVChris Northcott7
gf10Zeus VChris Northcott and Fred Davis7
gf11Zeus V-FChris Northcott and Fred Davis7
gf12Final Conflict (I)Tom Swider7
gf13Nuclear Holocaust??13
gf14Atomic Warfare(“I”)??9
gf15American Woolworth(“II”)Mark Coldiron5
gf16Final Conflict IITom Swider and Don Williams7
gf17Zeus IV-FinalChris Northcott7
gf18World Diplomacy IIMark Stegeman8
gf19World Diplomacy IIIMark Stegeman8
gf20Final Conflict IIITom Swider7
gf21World Diplomacy IVMark Stegeman8
gf22World Diplomacy VWilliam Stapel7
gf23World Diplomacy VIMark Stegeman8
gf24World War IIIbBob Sergeant Note: Not related to WW III, qp0215
gf25Cthuloid DiplomacyTim Waterhouse and Gary Stevens7
gf26Ice Age DiplomacyJim Penman8
gf27Risque Diplomacy II???6
gf28Holocaust IISteve McClendon9
gf29Holocaust IIIGlenn Overby9
gf30Peace in Our TimePaul Slade11
gf31Diplomatie Mondiale IIAuthor Unknown (Rules in French)7
gf32World-8 DiplomacyChris Warren8
gf33The Twentieth CenturyMichael David Roberts13
gf34World Diplomacy VII [I]David Caldwell31
gf35World Diplomacy VIII [1]David Norman17
gf36World Diplomacy IX [II]David Norman17
gf37World War IV (v.1)Tom Reinecker29
gf38World War IV (v.4.1)Tom Reinecker30
gf39World War IV FormalTom Reinecker, Tom Mulledy & E. Sabatine30

h. Up to 1870

gh01Colonia IFred Hyatt6
gh02Colonia IVFred Hyatt9
gh03Colonia VFred Hyatt9
gh04Colonia IIFred Hyatt8
gh05Colonia IIIFred Hyatt8
gh06Colonia III-15Fred Hyatt and Robert Stimmel (requires gh05)15
gh07Colonial WintersFred Winters17
gh085-Man Colonia III Fixed Length??5
gh09Colonia VIFred Hyatt9
gh10Colonia VIIFred Hyatt and John Cain (map is much reduced in size.)9
gh11Colonia VIII (VII)Fred Hyatt9
gh12Age of DiscoveryS.W. Nesbitt II 4-15
gh13Imperial Diplomacy IIMichael David Roberts13
gh14Colonia VIIbFred Hyatt and John Cain9

p. 1871 – 1920

gp01Imperialism XVRod Walker11
gp02Worldip IEnrico Manfredi6
gp03World PowersRichard Ware9
gp04World Variant(“I”)Karl Pettis21
gp05Youngstown Variant XIIRod Walker and Vedder12
gp06Imperialism VIII-RRRod Walker9
gp07Mercator II-VB completeDoug Wakefield –
gp08Mercator IIDoug Wakefield13
gp09Mercator IIIDoug Wakefield13
gp10Mercator III ½Doug Wakefield13
gp11Mercator IVDoug Wakefield14
gp12Mercator IVSF(“Samson Flansteed”)Doug Wakefield7
gp13Mercator IVSF-WINS(“With nastier stabs”)Doug Wakefield7
gp14Mercator V-ADoug Wakefield14
gp15Mercator V-BDoug Wakefield14
gp16Imperialism VIIIRod Walker9
gp17Mercator Combined Edition (II-IV, VA, VI-IX)Doug Wakefield –
gp18Mercator DefinitiveDoug Wakefield13
gp19Mercator VIDoug Wakefield15
gp20Mercator VIIDoug Wakefield19
gp21Mercator VIIIDoug Wakefield21
gp22Mercator IXDoug Wakefield24
gp23Mercator XIIDoug Wakefield18
gp24Mercator Rules (1985 Ed.)Doug Wakefield –
gp25Strategic Diplomacy??15
gp26World Domination IRichard Egan (WD II draft)8
gp27World Domination IIRichard Egan8
gp28Mercator XIVDoug Wakefield and Stuart Dagger17
gp29Mercator XDoug Wakefield26
gp30Mercator XIIIaDoug Wakefield18
gp31Mercator (optional rules) (ce8)Doug Wakefield0
gp32Global Skinny DiplomacyEric Brosius11
gp33Global Diplomacy II [6]John Armstrong12
gp34Total WarTheirry Lucas (Rules in French)11
gp35Global Diplomacy IIIEric Pedersen6
gp36Lincoln’s NightmareJohn Armstrong17
gp37Diplomatie Mondiale IAuthor Unknown (Rules in French)7
gp38Fin de SieclePaul Barker16
gp39Mercator XIaDoug Wakefield16
gp40Mercator XIIaDoug Wakefield17
gp41Mercator XIIIDoug Wakefield18
gp42Mercator XVDoug Wakefield20
gp43Mercator WaterwaysDoug Wakefield18
gp44Mercator Five-UpDoug Wakefield5
gp45Mercator XIDoug Wakefield16
gp46Mercator – The MarksStuart Dagger
gp47Mercator XVIDoug Wakefield26