E. Australasia, Asia and Middle East

a. All Asia

ea01Asian DiplomacyS. LaTourette and K. Robison7
ea02Asian Diplomacy IIPhil Reynolds7
ea03Eurasian DiplomacyRandy Davis7
ea04Colonial Diplomacy (Commercial Game)P Hawes7
ea05Asian Diplomacy IIIDavid Lawler and Peter Baer7
ea06Asian Diplomacy IVPitt Crandlemire7
ea07Canton DiplomacyPaul Webb7

c. China

ec01Chinese DiplomacyTom McCloud6
ec02Open Door (Colonialism III)Rod Walker7
ec03Five Dynasties DiplomacySteve Doubleday9
ec04Mandate of HeavenDavid E Cohen7

e. East Asia

ee01Far East IVern Schaller5
ee02Far East I-RVern Schaller and Fred Davis5
ee03BanzaiTheirry Lucas and Pascal Dugros (Rules in French)7
ee04Banzai IIJean-Francois Mougard (Rules in English & French)7

i. India

ei01India 1501Stephen Agar5
ei02Reunification of India, 1945Bill Somers6
ei03Buddha DiplomacyLarry Peery5
ei04India IIStephen Agar5
ei05High Level DiplomacyLarry Peery5
ei06Maharajah’s DiplomacyDavid E Cohen7
ei07Maharajah’s Diplomacy IIDavid E Cohen7

j. Japan

ej01JimmuMike Mills6
ej02Kamakuracommercial game by West End Games, Inc. 
ej03Shogun (in French)Theirry Lucas7
ej04SengokuBenjamin Hester8

m. Middle East

em01Allah Akba’arJohn Robertson11
em02Jihad IIRichard Vedder7
em03Partition of the Ottoman EmpireGreg Costikyan7
em04Jihad IRichard Vedder7
em05The Lord of HostsTim Collieu6
em06Sand IAllan McGregor7
em07Sand IIAllan McGregor and Fred Davis7
em08Deus Vult!William Preston7
em09PetroleumThierry Lucas7
em10LebanonLachlan Olive6
em11Lebanon IILachlan Olive5
em12Six Days to SuezLachlan Olive4
em13Arab DiplomacyRoland Isaksson8
em14Middle Eastern DiplomacyPhil Reynolds7
em15IslamMax Feron (Rules in French)7
em16Conflict in the Middle EastWilliam Nesbitt5

n. Australia and New Zealand

en01Coup in CanberraAndrew England5
en02AotearoaDerek William8

s. Southeast Asia

es01Indonesian Diplomacy IRussell Fox8
es02Southeast Asia ‘56J. Massar7
es03East Indies Diplomacy IIBruce Sawyer and Fred Davis7
es04East Indies IIIBruce Sawyer and Fred Davis7
es05East Indies IVFred Davis6
es06Indonesian Diplomacy IIRussell Fox and Fred Davis7
es07KampucheaLachlan Olive7
es08Kampuchea IILachlan Olive5
es09South East Asia IIIAndrew Reddaway7