C. Europe 1901-1919 (Modifications of the Basic Game)

a. Alternate world, different great powers

ca01Aberration III (Imperialism XIII)Rod Walker9
ca02Turnabout DiplomacyFred Davis7
ca03Aberration III-ASimon Szykman9

b. changes to both map and rules (average complexity)

cb01Persian Variant IMartin Janta-Polczynski7
cb02Scheisskopf Diplomacy IIDonald Wileman7
cb03Stab-Happy DiplomacyScott Rosenberg and Matt Diller7
cb04Variation CBob Johnson7
cb051958 DiplomacyAllan Calhamer7
cb06Overlapping Seas IIIM.J. Polczynski7
cb07Quasi-Classical DiplomacyMartin Janta-Polczynski7
cb08Pseudo-Classical DiplomacyMartin Janta-Polczynski7
cb09Simulation Dippy IIShargin and Miller35
cb103×3 w 2 wild card playersH. Naus??4
cb113-Man on 9-man board??3
cb12LiMa IJean-Paul Macedoni, Colin Hemming and Michel Liesnard7
cb13MultiplomacyColin Hemming7
cb14Persian Variant IIMartin Janta-Polcyznski7
cb15Woolworth Diplomacy II-AGlenn Overby (included with cb16)5
cb16Woolworth Diplomacy IIGlenn Overby (includes cb15, cb17, cb18)5
cb17Woolworth Diplomacy II-BGlenn Overby (included with cb16)5
cb18Ten-Man Diplomacy II-RGlenn Overby (included with cb16)10
cb19Woolworth Diplomacy II-DGlenn Overby and Fred Davis5
cb20N.I.E.S (New Improved Extra Strength) Diplomacy I (Colonial Diplomacy II)Mark Keller7
cb21N.I.E.S. Diplomacy IIMark Keller and Fred Davis (requires cb20)7
cb22Saharan Diplomacy (I)Bahjat Sharif7
cb23Saharan Diplomacy IIBahjat Sharif and Fred Davis7
cb24LiMa IbLiesnard, Macedoni, and Hemming (includes cb25)7
cb25LiMa IIbLiesnard, Macedoni, and Hemming (included with cb24)7
cb26Guerrilla Warfare IIAndy Tringham and John Marsden7
cb27Frauke’s Beer River DiplomacyScott Hanson7
cb28Aberration-IFred Davis and Rod Walker7
cb29Aberration-IIFred Davis and Rod Walker7
cb30Abstraction IIFred Davis7
cb31Dual Space Diplomacy (Overlapping Seas I)(ex “cd04”)Fred Davis7
cb32Dual Space Diplomacy with “Gibraltar rule” (Overlapping Seas II) Fred Davis and Martin Janta-Polczynski7
cb33Rail and Sea DiplomacyFred Davis7
cb34Abstraction IFred Davis7
cb35Pride of ArmiesFred Davis7
cb36Hitch-HikerNicholas Whyte9
cb37U-BoatBarry Evans5
cb38Feudal IIDave Russell7
cb39SkinnyDiplomacy ILew Pulsipher7
cb40Superfluid DiplomacyAndrew Poole 
cb41First Strike Nuclear DiplomacyPaul Dunning7
cb42Off-Board Box DiplomacySteve Gregory and Ryk Downes7
cb43Advanced DiplomacyStephen Swigger7
cb44SkinnyDiplomacy IILew Pulsipher and Fred Davis7
cb45Suvorov DiplomacyJohn Norris7
cb46Suvorov Diplomacy IIFred Davis7
cb47Land Bridge Diplomacy (I-A)Lee Kendter, Jr.7
cb48Schiesskopf IVJ. Whyte, D. Wileman and L. Dunning 
cb49Land Bridge II DiplomacyLee Kendter, Jr.7
cb50Woolworth Diplomacy II-MGlenn Overby and Jim Bragg (CE 12)5
cb51Woolworth Diplomacy IIIGlenn Overby (CE 12)5
cb52Woolworth Diplomacy III-DGlenn Overby (CE 12)5
cb54Superfluid Diplomacy IIAndrew Poole 
cb55Ten Players Diplomacy II, (map described in rules)10
cb56Ring Around The Rosie DiplomacyFred Davis7
cb57Contretemps (“II”)Tom Swider7
cb58Land Bridge IIILee Kendter, Jr.7
cb59Pourquoi Pas? (Why Not?)Charles Turquin7
cb60Root Z DiplomacyPhil Creed, Tom Hyer, Mark Nelson 
cb61Wraparound DiplomacyJames Millington & Robert Schone7
cb62Diplomacy III (II)Stephen Agar7
cb63Two Player AbstractionJames Nelson2

c. High complexity rules

cc01Aberration IV (9-Man Diplomacy IV)Rod Walker9
cc02Gibraltar IIMartin Janta-Polczynski9
cc03WarmongerLarry Dunning 
cc04SuperdiplomacyDan Alderson7
cc05MorglayAlderson and Pournelle7
cc06Winter Eleven-Man Variant IIFred Winter11
cc07Gibraltar Diplomacy IMartin Janta-Polczynski9
cc08Hypereconomic Diplomacy I (ex “ge02”)Don Miller23
cc09Crystal Ball DiplomacyManus Hand & John Woolley7
cc10Arpiesse DiplomacySimon Szykman7

e. One extra power added

ce01Bawtinheimer 8-player VariantBob Bawtinheimer8
ce02Swiss Variant IIFred Davis8
ce03Powers and PiratesCurt Gibson8
ce04Pirates and Powers revisedCurt Gibson8
ce05European DiplomacyMichael Zmolek8
ce06USATadd Moskal8
ce07V8Clay Snyder8

g. One giant power added

cg01Germany versus the WorldFred Davis (ex “cd06”) 
cg02BritainDanny Loeb and Bruce McIntyre [independently])7

h. High complexity map

ch01Omnibus DiplomacyCharles Turner7
ch02Double Secret DiplomacyTadd Moskal6

m. Minor changes to map only

cm01Kriegsmarine VariationA. Phillips (CE 1)7
cm02Small World Diplomacy (I)Steve Tihor7
cm03Vatican VariantBruce Linsey7
cm04Milan DiplomacyJohn Norris7
cm05Davis FTF Diplomacy BoardFred Davis7
cm06Egypt DiplomacyGeoff Tonks7
cm07PeerijavoLarry Peery7
cm08Alpine PassageDavid Rothery (CE 7)7
cm097-Island DiplomacyPaul Bennett7
cm10Croatia DiplomacyLarry Peery7
cm11PDO Diplomacy MapVarious7
cm12Trieste Split DiplomacyFred Davis7
cm13Morocco DiplomacyJames Brown7

n. Two Extra Great Powers added (see also Gf, Gh, Gp)

cn01Cline 9-Man Diplomacy II (“IV”)Robert Cline9
cn029-Man Diplomacy IDon Miller9
cn039-Man Diplomacy IIIJack Chalker9
cn04Cline 9-Man Diplomacy IIIRobert Cline, Von Metzke, Naus and Bullock9
cn05Cline 9-Man Diplomacy IV.1 (“V”)Robert Cline and Fred Davis9
cn06Cline 9-Man Diplomacy IR. Cline9
cn07Nine-Power Diplomacy (9-man Diplomacy V)Fred Winter9
cn08Cline 9-Man Diplomacy VRobert Cline, Fred Davis and Andrew Poole (for UKVB)9
cn09Cline 9-Man Diplomacy IV.2Conrad Von Metzke version of a Fred Davis revision9
cn10Cline 9-Man Diplomacy VIRobert Cline, Fred Davis, Andrew Poole, and David Rothery (First revision)9
cn11Cline 9-Man Diplomacy VIIDavid Rothery’s Second Revision9
cn12Cline 9-Man VIIISimmon Billenness and Mike Pustilnik9
cn13Loeb’s Nine Player VariantDanny Loeb9
cn14Aberration VRod Walker & Stephen Agar9
cn15Aberration VIRod Walker & Nicholas Fitzpatrick

s. Identical Regular Maps, used for Different Eras

cs01Romans v. Barbarians, 300 A.D. (“no 2”, there is no “1”) 2
cs02The Cold War, 1946 (“3”) 3
cs03Collapse of Classical Civilization, 400 A.D. (“4”) 4
cs04High Renaissance, 1500 (“5”) 5
cs05The Dark Ages, 500 A.D. (“6”) 6
cs06Thirty Years War, 1610 (“7”) 7
cs07Rise of Feudalism, 700 A.D. (“8”) 8
cs08Rise of Nation States, 1715 (eight players version,”9”) 8
cs09Rise of Nation States, 1715 II (amended, “9-A”) 9
cs10Age of the Crusades, 1100Unknown10
cs11Hundred Years War, 1336 (“10-A”, amended by F. Davis) 10
cs12Nationalism Rampant, 1861 (“11”) 11
cs13Nationalism Rampant II, 1861 (“11-A”, amended by F. Davis) 11
cs141938-IISteve Doubleday6
cs151810Steve Doubleday5
cs161378Steve Doubleday4

t. Team game on modified board

ct013×3 Teams with Wild Card Player IIID. Miller7

v. Changing values for supply centers

cv01GusherFred Davis (ex “cd07”)7