Diplomacy Editions – Summary


  • Diplomacy editions are listed by country first, then chronologically.
  • Information is given here for identification purposes, so more information is given for editions from countries that have multiple editions. More substantial descriptions are given on the gallery pages.
  • To know what differences are used to distinguish among editions, read these definitions.
  • For anyone who needs it, a key to the flags appears at the bottom of this page.
Allan B. CalhamerUnreleased prototype IDeveloped in 1954. No description available
Allan B. CalhamerUnreleased prototype IIDeveloped in 1958. No description available
Allan B. CalhamerFirst commercial releaseFirst commercial release, 1959
Allan B. CalhamerSecond edition CalhamerEliminated numbers on game pieces
Allan B. CalhamerCartoon box Calhamer editionAdded a true game box to the game
Games ResearchBrown box editionFirst widely-marketed release, 1961 (copyright date on rulebook)
Games ResearchBrown box revised editionRulebook revised in 1971 (copyright date on rulebook)
Games ResearchRed box GRI editionRedesigned box, released between 1974 and 1976.
Avalon HillRed box AH editionSame box as previous edition, but sold by Avalon Hill’s rulebook in 1976 (copyright date on rulebook)
Avalon HillBookcase edition, wooden piecesRedesigned box and gameboard, released in 1976 (copyright date on box and rulebook)
Avalon HillBookcase edition, plastic piecesSame bookcase edition with 1976 rules, but with plastic pieces instead of wooden ones
Avalon HillBookcase edition, second editionSame design as previous edition, but rulebook revised to second edition rules, 1982 (copyright date on rulebook)
Avalon HillRed-back variation of bookcase editionBack of gameboard is red.
Avalon HillDeluxe edition, third editionRedesigned box and gameboard, rulebook revised to third edition rules, 1992
Avalon HillHasbro edition, fourth editionRedesigned box and gameboard, rulebook revised to fourth edition rules, 2000
Intellectual DiversionsRed box editionFirst release outside the United States, 1962 (copyright date on rulebook)
Intellectual DiversionsPurple box editionRedesigned box and gameboard, 1963 (copyright date on rulebook)
PhilmarFlat fleet editionSame basic purple box design as previous edition, Philmar name on back of rulebook, 1971 (copyright date on rulebook)
PhilmarShip fleet editionSame basic design as previous edition but fleet pieces are shaped like ships instead of flat 5-sided pieces, tray is white
Gibson’s GamesPurple box editionSame basic purple box design as previous edition, Gibson’s logo on box lid and on back of rulebook, released between 1976 and 1983 (1971 copyright date on rulebook)
Gibson’s GamesHelmet box second editionRevised rulebook, 1983 (copyright date on rulebook)
Gibson’s GamesHelmet box third editionRevised rulebook, 1989 (copyright date on rulebook)
Gibson’s GamesGlobe box editionRedesigned box, 1995 (copyright date on rulebook)
Waddington’s House of GamesSole Waddington’s House of Games edition1971 copyright date on rulebook, 1972 date on play by mail sheet
Waddington SandersSole Waddington Sanders editionRedesigned box, revised rulebook (1986)
MiroSole French Miro editionDesign taken from German Parker edition
ParkerSole French Parker editionDesign taken from German Parker edition, 1978
Descartes EditeurSole Descartes editionRedesigned box and gameboard, 1994
ParkerSole German Parker edition1977
ArielSole Ariel editionDesign similar to U.K. Philmar edition, 1972
Mondadori GiochiSole Mondadori Giochi editionDesign taken from German Parker edition, released between 1979 and 1984
L’Editrice GiochiSole L’Editrice Giochi editionDesign similar but not identical to Parker editions
JumboSole Jumbo edition1981
JedkoSole Jedko edition1985
GROW Produtos Para RecreacaoBookcase edition, released before 1978Description
GROW Produtos Para RecreacaoFlatbox edition, 1978 (copyright date on box)Description
KodkodSole Kodkod edition1992

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