Lost Variants

The following variants are known to have existed, but are lost.
If anyone has a copy the Variant Bank would be very glad indeed to receive a copy!
If you know of the whereabouts of any of these variant, please let me know.

cb113-Man on 9-man board???03 
cb103×3 w/2 wild card playersH. Naus??04 
gh085-Man Colonia III Fixed Length???05 
rb27Balance of PowerA. Phillips07 
pb02Balkan War (II)-RSchwartz and Nofi05 
rr10Black Hole Diplomacy III???07 
od01    Conquest of AustraliaBob Albrecht06 
rh08Diplodocus IPaul Meerts34 
rew11DiProductionE. Hinton22-33 
re04Economic Diplomacy IIIR. Shagrin07 
hb05Europe 1650C. Alexander07 
qp04Europe 2010???09 
Five Colonials Diplomacy???05 
rb26Home Sweet HomeJ. Gross07 
sg13Interstellar Diplomacy IVR. Prevot05 
pw01Italy, 1500C. Alexander09 
fn04Lemurian DiplomacyS. Gunnell04 
un01LizardK. St. AndreXx 
ts12Lord of the Rings Diplomacy IIJ. Key06 
gp17Mercator Combined Edition (II-IV, VA, VI-IX)???13-24 
gp08Mercator IIDoug Wakefield13 
gp09Mercator IIIDoug Wakefield13 
gp10Mercator III 1/2Doug Wakefield13 
gp07Mercator II-VB completeDoug Wakefield14 
gp11Mercator IVDoug Wakefield13 
gp12Mercator IVSF (“Samson Flansteed”)Doug Wakefield07 
gp13Mercator IVSF-WINS (“With nastier stabs”)Doug Wakefield07 
gp22Mercator IX???24 
gp14Mercator V-ADoug Wakefield14 
gp15Mercator V-BDoug Wakefield14 
gp19Mercator VI???15 
gp20Mercator VII???19 
gp21Mercator VIII???21 
Mercator XI???? 
gp23Mercator XIIDoug Wakefield18 
Mid East???06 
ts08Mordor v. the World IIIAlderson and Miller05 
cc05MorglayAlderson and Pournelle07 
gf13Nuclear Holocaust???13 
ed26Nuit et Brouillard (Night and Fog)Philippe Crepey07 
rs27Pudge Don’t BudgeJohn Caruso07 
rs30Python DiplomacyD. DelGrande07 
vj07Rather Silly Diplomacy IJeremy Maiden et. al.11 
qr02Re-DiscoverRichard Bartle07 
cb22Saharan Diplomacy (I)Bahjat Sharif07 
cb02Scheisskopf Diplomacy IIDonald Wileman07 
pi04Scotice Scripti IPeter Comber08 
rm25SER OptionalsScott Rich07 
rm19Simulation Diplomacy IR. Shagrin35 
rb24Slimak’s RuleK. Slimak07 
es02Southeast Asia ’56J. Massar07 
ug09Space WarD. Alderson04 
re05Super-economic Diplomacy (Dollar Diplomacy)F. Mulhauser07 
rt03Team Game (3×3) with Wild Card Player IDon Miller07 
rt05Team Game (3×3) with Wild Card Player IVDon Miller07 
vj05Trader (I)M. Diller05 
rx06Two-Man DiplomacyH. Naus02 
rx08Two-Man DiplomacyLarry Peery02 
rx09Two-Man Diplomacy (FRT v. EGI)B. Lindsay02 
nu07United States Diplomacy IC. Reinsel02-16 
cb04Variation CBob Johnson07 
gf18World Diplomacy IIMark Stegeman08 
gf19World Diplomacy IIIMark Stegeman08 
gf22World Diplomacy VWilliam Stapel07