List of Variants by ARDA classification

A. Ancient Period (to 475 A.D)

B. Bio-sphere Games

C. Europe 1901-1919 (Modifications of the Basic Game)

D. Africa

E. Australasia, Asia and Middle Eastg

F. Fantasy Settings (see “T” for Tolkien variants)

G. Global Games

H. Europe, 1501-1900

L. Central and South America

M.  Europe, 476-1500 (Medieval)

N. North America (see also “W”, Western Hemisphere)

O. Oceans

P. European Regions

Q. Europe After 1920

R. Rules Revisions Using the Regular Board (No or Minor Map Changes)

S. Science Fiction and Space

T. Tolkien-Based Games

U. Abstract and Hypothetical Scenarios

V. Put-On, Jokes, and Satires

W. Western Hemisphere

X. Expansions of the Regular Board

Y. Diplomacy-Related Games – Non-Variants

Z. Political Games