Hobby History

Picture of Allan B. Calhamer (from Games & Puzzles Jan 1974)

Birth of Seven Nations by Haz Bond
A Brief History of the US Diplomacy Hobby (1963-1992) by Jim Meinel

The Candidture of Cerebus the Aardvark by Pete Doubleday
A Cautionary Tale by John Lettice
Classic Games – 1969BG – ALBION 69/1
Classic Games – 1979JD – FOE 29
Constructive Criticism, Negativity or Feud? by Stephen Agar

Diplomacy in Norway by Frank Johansen
A Dozen Years of Diplomacy by Allan B. Calhamer

The End of the Hobby As We Know It? by Richard Egan
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About the NGC (Pt.1) by Stephen Agar

Future of the Hobby Meeting 1992 by Stephen Agar
The Future of the Hobby (Spring 1993) by Stephen Agar

Going Where No Dot Had Gone Before by Larry Peery

A History of Postal Diplomacy in the UK – The First Decade (1969-1979) by Stephen Agar
The History of the UK Diplomacy Zine Poll (1973-88) by Stephen Agar
A Hobby on the Brink? – An Interview with Conrad von Metzke by Conrad von Metzke

If it Was Good Enough For Mr. ABC, it’s Good Enough For You By Larry Peery
The Invention of Diplomacy by Allan Calhamer
An Intimate Affair by Pete Swanson

A Look at what Happened to the Postal Games Hobby in 1982 by Mike Benyon

Memories of the Great Feud by Mark Berch

The 1971 Rulebook by Stephen Agar
1972 – A Year in Diplomacy by Hartley Patterson

The OGRe’s Dilemma by Geoff Challinger
The Origin of Postal Diplomacy in the UK by Stephen Agar

The Pulp is Past by Jamie McQuinn

1995 Runestone Poll Top Ten by David Hood

Thoughts on the 1994 Diplomacy Zine Poll by Stephen Agar
The True Story of Filibuster Game Six by Richard Hucknall
Twenty Five Years of Grabbing Dots by Rod Walker

What’s In A Name? by Steve Cox
Why Richard Was Almost Right by Stephen Agar

Zine Poll Top Twenty 1992 by Stephen Agar
Zine Poll 1995 – Top Ten by Stephen Agar


Allan B. Calhamer (1931 – 2013)
John Dodds (1961 – 2016)
Bob Kendrick (died 1997)
John Piggott (1952 – 2012)
Richard Sharp (1942 – 2003)
Tom Tweedy (1948 – 2008)
Richard Walkerdine (1947 – 2012)