ManorCon IV (1986)

Injury-hit All-Stars in Dramatic Last-Gasp Victory Shock Sensation!

by Richard Walkerdine

With a breathtaking display of dogged rearguard defending combined with some scintillating touches in mid-board and an aggresive attach the MAD POLICY ALL STARS overcame their recent problems to grab a dramatic and well-deserved victory in this years University / Team Diplomacy Tournament. The recent injury to captain Richard Walkerdine and the mid-season transfer of Jeff Edmunds had meant only Pat Lenihan, Rob Lozynskyj, Dane Maslen, Andy Murby and Ken Simpson were available from the regular first-team squad and although reserve players Paul Finch and Mark Osborne had been highly praised before the match by their manager few observers had given the new-look squad much chance of improving on the 4th place the team had achieved in each of the two previous years. But on the day the combination of the defensive skills of Lenihan and Maslen, the mid-board domination achieved by Murby, Osborne and. Simpson and the attacking flair of Finch and Lozynskyj proved enough to overcome even the resistance of favourites Liverpool.

Interviewed shortly after this historic victory team manager ‘Ashen-faced’ Ron Wakerding, his voice almost breaking with emotion, could scarcely find words to express his feelings at finally achieving tile victory he had sought for so long. “Well Brian,” he told our reporter, “we’re really over the moon about this one. Of course I’m personally delighted but mainly I’m pleased for the lads. They’ve worked really hard for this result and I’m just glad that, on the day, when they got cut there on the park, it all came right for them. I don’t want to take anything away from the opposition but I think the lads proved they were the better squad, both physically and mentally. I must admit when Wakerdine suffered his groin injury so soon after the transfer of Edmunds I was feeling as sick as a parrot, but then we’ve always had a strong reserve line-up so even then I was hoping for a result. And all I can say is that on the day both Finch and Osborne really done great, and of course Lenihan, Maslen, Murby and Simpson done great too. Why, even the boy Lozynskyj done great. They really played for each other and I’m proud of all of them. And like I said before, we’re really over the moon about this one.”

The Results in Detail

If you can decipher the purple prose up there you will realise that the MP team has finally won the Manorcon Team Diplomacy Tournament, much to my delight, thanks to all seven players achieving a draw in their games. No other team managed to avoid at least one defeat, which gave MP a small but vital margin. Well done lads (you done great!). I’ll obviously have to work hard if I’m going to get back into my own team next year! Full results of the tournament were as follows:

1. Mad Policy
2. Liverpool
3. Vienna ‘V’
4. Oxford
5. Quartz
6. Brurnmegam
7. Birmingham ‘A’
8. Dib/Rag
9. Lancaster/Cmag
10. Astradyne
11. Birmingham ‘B’
12. Vienna ‘B’
13. Vienna ‘A’
14. Swansea
15. MYSofa. 

The Other Tournaments

As you know we tried to expand the scope of Manorcon this year by running quite a few other tournaments as well as Diplomacy. On the whole I think it worked very well and has certainly given us enough incentive to repeat the idea (or even expand further) next year.

Individual Diplomacy:

1. Jim Mills
2. Paul Finch
3. Rob Lozynskyj
4. Steve Schneider
5. Andy Bate
6. Peter Hawkins
7. Geoff Kemp

Railway Rivals: 1. Ian le Brocq; 2. Brian Flatt; 3. Terry Hill; 4. Andrew Poole; 5. Andrew Glynn

Acquire: 1. Terry Hill; 2. Dane Maslen; 3. Mike Moor

Croquet: 1. Paul Oakes & Steve Marshall; 2. Peter Calcraft & Niall Litton

American Football: 1. Trog Celtic Wrargoddesses; 2. Vienna Vikings

5-a-side Football: 1. Quartz

Civilisation: 1. Daniel Victor

For the Record

Although I wasn’t there on the Saturday (Queen, ’Quo concert at Wembley – absolutely fantastic, but I’ll tell you about that some other time) everything seemed to run fairly smoothly and everyone I asked said they’d enjoyed it and were looking forward to coming back next year – so we must have got something right. The only minor problems were barely enough rooms on Friday night (because the University hadn’t done what we told them) and the bar running out of beer on Sunday. But we survived.

As I was only there part time I didn’t manage to see more than a couple of new faces this year, which was a shame, but I hope to make up for that later in the year at Midcon. Speaking of people many thanks to Andy Bate for sterling work as the local contact man, Nick Kinzett for trojan efforts running the Dip tournament and, in no particular order, Alex Bandy, Pete Calcraft, Pete Tulk, Francis Tresham, David Watts, Mark Nelson, Andrew Poole, Steve Jones and Mark Adams for the various forms of assistance they all provided – it would have been a right old mess without you all.

Finally, some numbers:

Total attendance: 180 (equal to last year’s record)
Total beds sold: 106 (a record)
Teams in Dip tournament: 15 (a record)
Total Dip games (2 days): 19 (a record)
Tournaments organised: 8 (a record)
Total income: approx £2700 (a record)
Total expenses: approx £2500 (a record!)

Figures for income and expenses are only approximate as I don’t expect to get all the bills in for another few weeks yet – running cons is big business these days though, as you can see. The profit by the way gets left in. a building society for a few months until we’re ready to use it to pay the deposit for next year’s event.

And still on the subject of money a total of £16 was contributed to the Hobby Stats and £16.50 to the Hobby Development Fund. A further £8 was contributed to the HDF by Tony Wheatley as a result of selling some of his zine collection.

And lest there is any doubt in anyones mind (Rip Gooch please note) let me remind you that MANORCON 87 will be held in Birmingham next July. See you there.

Reprinted from Mad Policy 120