Face-to-Face Diplomacy

Con Reports


MidCon III (1981) by Pete Doubleday
ManorCon IV (1986) by Richard Walkerdine
ManorCon VII (1989) by Richard Walkerdine
ManorCon X (1992) by Stephen Agar
MidCon 92 – A Pint of Theakstons by Brian Creese
MidCon 92 by Stephen Agar
OxCon 1993 Results
OxCon 1994 Results
MidCon – The National Diplomacy Championship 1994 by Shaun Derrick
1995 NDC Qualifiers
An Insider’s View of MidCon XVII (1995) by Stephen Agar
MasterCon 3 (1996) by Mark Stretch
RamsdenCon II (1996) by Mark Stretch
MidCon 96 by Steve Cox
Cox on OxCon 97 by Steve Cox
OxCon 1997 by Mark Stretch
RamsdenCon 97 – the Organiser’s View by Annie Shillabeer
ManorCon 1997 by Mark Stretch
Memoirs of a Convention Organiser (OxCon 1998) by Dave Percik
Son of SpeccyCon (1998) by Stephen Agar
ManorCon XVII (1999) by Stephen Agar
The London Trophy 1999 by Vick Hall
OxCon 2001 by Mark Stretch
ManorCon 2003 by John Harrington

MidCon homepage
ManorCon homepage


EuroDipCon 3 / MasterCon 2 1995 by Stephen Agar
EuroDipCon III 1995 by Shaun Derrick
A NMR in Namur – EuroDipCon 97 by Steve Cox
EuroDipCon IV by Per Wrestling
FinDipCon II Results (2000)

North America

AtlantiCon 1993: A Chronology by Jack McHugh
DipCon XXVII at AvalonCon by David Hood
AvalonCon 95 by Paul Barker
CanCon ’96 by Rich Goranson
GenCon 99 by Eric Saunders


A Short History of WorldDipCon by Iain Bowen
WorldDipCon V (1995) by Shaun Derrick

Tournament Scoring Systems

C-Diplo – Saint or Sinner? by Toby Harris
Diplomacy is a Race! by Stephen Agar
The Hurst Tournament Mean System (HTM) by Tom Hurst
NDC 1995 Tournament Scoring System by Stephen Agar
Scoring in Diplomacy Tournaments by Fred Townsend
The Top Table – Good or Bad? by Chris Martin

Miscellaneous FtF

Diplomacy – Bridging the Generation Gap by David P. Smith, Ph.D.
Meta-Gaming and Diplomacy by Stephen Agar
“Military Intelligence” by Allan B. Calhamer
Unethical Practices in FtF Diplomacy by Jared Johnson