Zeus V-F (gf11)

by Chris Northcott and Fred Davis

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The Rules for Zeus V-F are the same as forĀ Zeus V, except for France replacing Italy as a Great Power, The map changes are as follows:

 The area “France” is divided into 3 provinces, Paris, a SC, and Burgundy and Gascony, ordinary spaces. “Vichy’` becomes the French SC Marseilles.

North Africa becomes Algiers, the third French Home SC. The Tripoli SC is abolished, and Tripoli and Bengazi are merged into a single ordinary space, Libya. Italy no longer exists as a Great Power. Rome and Venice remain as Neutral SC’s.

The Low Countries becomes a SC. New space, “Ruhr,” added between Munich and Low Countries.

New space, Gibraltar, touches Algiers at Land Crossing. Spain is now a two-coasted province. The English Channel returns to its original name and size.

Additional Rules for ZEUS V-F:

1. The SC Total is increased by two to 43. (+Algiers, Marseilles, Low Countries, – Tripoli The Victory Criterion is raised to 22.

2. Starting Position for FRANCE: Paris, Marseilles, Algiers

3. If Germany owns Rome, she may build units there.

4. There is a Land Crossing Gibraltar-Algiers.

Map Note:

All these maps are inaccurate in showing Prussia as attached to the rest of Germany in 1939. From 1919 to September 1939, East Prussia was cut off from the area shown here as “Berlin” by the “Polish Corridor,” which has been omitted from the ZEUS map. However, for game purposes this is not too serious, especially since the map has been badly distorted in so many areas to fit everything in.