Zeus IV (gf09)

by Chris Northcott

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0. All rules as in regular Diplomacy save as below. 

1. The game starts in Autumn 1939, this is a special build only season during which the players only need to specify their initial 3 builds (4 for the Soviets, 5 for the UK). Note that if a fleet is built in the Middle East, Leningrad or Tokyo, then the coast must be specified. 

2. Hamburg, Egypt and Panama are canal spaces and thus have only one coast, thus they can be moved through by fleets (Eg. Con and Kie in Diplomacy). Fleets may pass through Denmark, Korea and Kynshu, for example in two moves a fleet may move F(Yellow Sea)-Korea and then F(Korea)-Sea of Japan. 

There is no direct move between Greece and Turkey or between Spain and Tripoli. Switzerland is passable. 

3. Pacific Island Areas: namely, Guam, Yap, Wake, Midway and Hawaii can be moved through by both fleets and armies without restriction. Note that Central Pacific Ocean is a sea space. 

4. There are 38 supply centres and 20 are needed for victory. 

5. Spaces identified on the map only be abbreviations are as follows: 

Amu = Amurskaya BSt = Baltic States; Edi = Edinburgh (*) New = New England; BOP = Bay of Pomerania EAO = East Artic Ocean; ENG = English Channel HEL = Heligoland Bight; SAO = South Artic Ocean SOO = Sea of Okhotsk; YEL = Yellow Sea 

Western Britain is a space made up of Wales, SW England, the Irish Sea and Ireland and it adjoins MAO, ENG, Lon, Edi, NAO. 

Reprinted from Spring Offensive 5