Wraparound Diplomacy (cb61)

by James Millington & Robert Schone

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Wraparound Diplomacy follows all the rules of Standard Diplomacy, and uses the Standard map except as noted below.

The Map:

Take a Standard map. Join A-a to form a Cylinder. Now join B-b to form a Torus (for the mathematicians) or Doughnut (for the hungry 🙂

There are 3 new provinces added to the map. They are Omsk, Iceland and Ireland.
Omsk is the eastern half of Moscow, but is not a supply centre. Omsk borders upon Stp, Mos, Sev, Mao and Nao.
Iceland is now moveable to, and borders upon Nao and Nwg.
Ireland is now moveable to, and borders upon Nao and Iri.

Ireland and North Africa are also now Supply Centres

What this all means is that the east-coasts of Russia and Turkey now border upon the Atlantic, You can move from the Norwegian to Ionian Seas, and you can move an Army from St Petersburg to Syria!

St Petes does *NOT* border on Eastern Med.
Barents Sea *DOES* border on Syria.

Contrary to the Physical map, North Africa does *NOT* border upon Syria.
North Africa/Tunis is now an island, with NaF bordering upon Mao, Wms, Tun, Nwg and Nao.


Coastlines have become somewhat more complicated, as St Petersburg now has *3* distinctive coasts – East, North and South.
Make sure you specify which coastline when moving to or from:

Armenia (north coast)    : ank bla sev(sc)
Armenia (east coast)     : sev(ec) mao syr(ec)
Sevastopol (south coast) : rum bla arm(nc)
Sevastopol (east coast)  : oms mao arm(ec)
St Petes (south coast)   : lvn gob fin
St Petes (north coast)   : nor bar syr(wc)
St Petes (east coast)    : syr(ec) nao oms
Syria (west coast)       : smy ems bar stp(nc)
Syria (east coast)       : arm(ec) mao stp(ec)

Starting Positions:

All countries start with the standard pieces. This means Russia now starts with Fleet Sevastopol (south coast).

Victory Condition:

The VC has been upped by 1 to 19 SCs, with the addition of NaF and Ire to push the SC tally to 36.