Wild Bill Donovan Variant (rb45)

by Larry Peery

Start with the 7 Great Powers, as they are in the regular game.

Next add the dozen unoccupied supply centers (Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Tunis, Greece, Serbia, Rumania, and Bulgaria).  Put an additional player and one unit in each of them.  The type of unit to be chosen by the player.

Make them players just like the regular players, only with only one unit.

Finally add another player for each of the non-supply center land spaces (Finland, Albania, North Africa, and Switzerland).  These players have no units but can participate in the diplomacy and write all the press they want.  Switzerland is passable.

The victory criteria for the Great Powers is the same.

The victory criteria for the unoccupied supply centers is to survive until the end unoccupied by one of the Great Powers or another Minor Power.

The victory criteria for the non-supply centers is to survive, unoccupied, at the end of the game.

Let’s see; we’d need seven good players, a dozen minor players, and four press writers/correspondents; a total of 23 players/participants?  Is it possible?

Suggested added Rules by Fred C Davis, Jr; NAVB Custodian, 1986

Each Major Power may lend not more than one of its own units to each Minor Power, or to the power of a non-supply center.  The Major Power may reclaim its unit(s) at the end of any season.

Supply Centers captured by the Minor or Non-SC players with Major Power units belong to the Minor or Non-SC players.  A Non-SC player capturing a SC may build a new unit there (or, alternately, in their Home space, even though the latter is not a SC).