We’ve Been Shafted By a Guy Who Cancelled Out on Us (rb14)

George Wallace

1. A variant for six people and a die.

2. At the beginning of the game, each person takes a country as usual.

3. The seventh unclaimed country is given its normal start­ing position.

4. Each turn, each player writes orders for his own country and for the seventh country. Then when all the orders are in, a die is rolled for each unit of the vacant country to determine whose order will guide the course of action for that unit. This is done UNIT by UNIT.

5. Each active country will have a previously assigned unique number(such as England‑l, France‑2, Germany‑3 etc.) and if that country has its number come up for a unit of the vacant country, the orders of that country will be used for that particular unit. Thus, if the vacant country has three units on board, they could well be run by three different countries during any move.

6. In disbanding for the vacant country, the die is again rolled, and the person whose number appears removes ONE unit. For further removals, the die is rolled again. If the vacant country is due a build, the die is rolled once again and the person whose number is rolled CANNOT REFUSE THE BUILD.

7. All other rules of regular Diplomacy apply except for those above.