Westeros III (fg08)

by “presser84”

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The rules are the same as Traditional Diplomacy rules except where noted. The game will being in Winter year AL300

This is a 7 player variant representing the 7 major Houses of Westeros:
House Stark (Dark Grey) – Starting Centers – Winterfell, White Harbor
House Arryn (Light Grey) -Starting Centers – The Eyrie, Gulltown
House Greyjoy (Pink) -Starting Centers -Pyke, Ten Towers
House Lannister (Red) – Starting Centers – Casterly Rock, Lannisport
House Barratheon (Yellow) – Starting Centers – Kings Landing, Storms End
House Tyrell (Green) -Starting Centers – Oldtown, Highgarden
House Martell (Orange) – Starting Centers – Sunspear, Sandstone

Build Anywhere– This variant will be build anywhere. The idea behind this is that once a supply center is captured those men become loyal to the new Lords of the land or the Lords can hire sell sword armies from the local population. Because of this the game begins in the Winter AL300 with the build phase

Keeps – this is an element that was in the Middle Earth variant that I liked so I put it in this game as well. Every player’s starting centers contain a keep. A keep is a fortified supply center which can support itself to hold. Thus, a unit holding in a keep has the defense strength of 2. A keep can be held by any player and a unit in a keep can still enter a support order. A unit entering a support order while in a keep can still be cut if they are engaged by an enemy unit. The keep is a defensive fortification only and and acts as a standard SC when a unit is not holding in it. Each House’s keeps are on their main starting supply centers.

Riverrun and The Twins– Riverrun and The Twins are castles held by the Houses Tully and House Frey. They are 2 of the Minor but prominant Houses of Westeros with difficult to siege castles. For this reason they start with a standing neutral army. These armies enter standing orders of HOLD and if dislodged are immediately disbanded. Riverrun and the Twins are not keeps. After disbanded they act as any other neutral supply center. These Neutral armies can be supported to hold by other units.

Coasts– Two territories have coastal designation. The Twins has an Eastern, Western and Southern Coast. The Neck has two coasts a North and South. Fleets moving to must designate a coastal assignment and support orders must correspond.

Pyke, Ten Towers, Great Wyk, Dragonstone, These Islands are both Land and Sea Spaces. They are considered a water space however, an army can reach them via being built there if they are a supply center or via convoy. Additionally a fleet on these islands can be used as part of a convoy chain.

Pyke is connected to Banefort directly however, as it is a water space, an army can not move from Pyke to the Banefort directly.

Shield Islands– The Shield Islands, though technically islands are considered a water space only. An army can not be placed there.

Victory Conditions
There are 36 total supply centers on the map. A victor will be the first player to posses 19 centers during a Winter adjustments phase. Secondarily, the game can end with a draw provided all remaining players accept the conditions of the draw and 5 game years have been played.