Wars of the Roses (pe05)

by Roger Sandell

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1. The normal rules of Diplomacy will be used except as noted below.

2. The initial setup of units is as follows:

RED ROSE: A London, A Canterbury, F Rochester

WHITE ROSE: A Doncaster, A-Derby, F York

PERCIES: A Carlisle, A Durham, F Lancaster

NEVILLES: A Warwick, A Hereford, F Gloucester

BEAUFORTS: A Bristol,. A Dorchester, F Exeter

SCOTS: F Dumfries, two As off board.

FRENCH: F Harfleur, one A and one F off board.

3. Victor criteria. The English players (all except, Scots and French!) must, control a majority of onboard supply centres at the end, of a year, i.e. 21 centres. In addition, Red Rose and White Rose must also hold Henry VI in order to claim victory. The Scots and French: must control SEVEN onboard centres for victory.

4. Henry VI. The King starts the game in London. He may be moved with a unit into an adjacent space (e.g.. A+K Lon-Roc) or transferred between two units that are not themselves moving (A Len MS F Roc. K Lox-Roc). If a unit holding the King is forced to retreat or disbanded or eliminated the King remains in the vacated space, unless this is a sea space in which case he is immediately moved to one of the nearest land spaces, such a move being taken at the same time as retreats. They King may not convoy. on his own, only when accompanying an army. The King may never be eliminated from the game.

5. Off-Board Centres. Scots and French may build units, off-board and may support units on the board from their two off-board centres. Once units are on the board they may not move off again. Scots units may move on from the north edge of the board. French from the south – though note that French fleets may not move directly on into Harfleur or Picardy.

Units may not support or convoy from off-board, nor may they be supported in, moving onto the board. Off-board builds are revealed to the other players, though off-board units are not obliged to move on immediately.

6. Foreign Centres. To the English Dublin, Dumfries, Harfleur and Calais are foreign; to the Scots all but Dumfries; to the French all but Harfleur and Calais. A foreign supply centre that is not occupied in the autumn move by a unit reverts to neutrality.

7. No player may build more than one fleet per game year.

8. The first move is Spring 1455.