Warlock Diplomacy (rg20)

Designer Unknown

1. All the standard rules of Diplomacy apply but each ruler is a Warlock with powers listed below.

2. Once a power is used, successful or not, it is gone. Each Warlock has the 19 powers that can be used anytime. Spells may be combined. You may use your magic on your pieces or others. (with the exception of Move home SC and Illusion)

The Powers

1 – Vaporize any unit on the board. 1 – Move a Home SC. Moves regardless of fleet or Armies in the area. Cannot be moved onto another SC. MUST move just like an Army. (to an adjacent space or convoyed in the spring or fall) You must have ownership. Though it can be convoyed it moves UNDER all other fleets and armies. (done under normal adjudication)

2 – Double-orders (the army or fleet under the magic spell moves one space, then all units including the magic piece adjudicate normally with the magic piece moving it’s second move) OR the unit under the spell can do a convoy or support order for any unit (whether of the same or any other country) which is also engaged in a Double-Order)

EXAMPLE – F North Sea (double order spell) F NthS CA A Edi > Norway. A Edinburgh (double order spell) A Edi > Norway. If Norway is vacant, they move there first. THEN when all the rest of the units adjudicate. F NS CA A London > Denmark. A Edi > Noway > Sweden. If a unit is ordered to attack to cut support and it is dislodged by a double order spell, it fails in this attempt. It is dislodged before it moves.


(done under normal adjudication)

1 – Add 1 support to hold or move (done under normal adjudication) If part of a double order must specify which leg it is used for.

1 – Add 2 supports to hold or move. (must be for one piece) (done under normal adjudication) If part of a double order must specify which leg it is used for.

1 – Extra build (one unit must be dropped next winter unless a real SC is gained, or may be used to put off a -1 SC loss for on year) (Winter)

1 – Cut support (for any units attacking Trieste, or any units supporting Trieste choose one) (done under normal adjudication) If two different countries attack an SC independently with one support, this spell cuts BOTH attacks.

1 – Cut 2 supports. (same as above, cannot be divided, one for Trieste, one for Serbia) (done under normal adjudication)

1 – Power Impervious. Super Hold. The unit cannot be dislodged or destroyed by anything for one turn. This spell requires a lot of concentration and thus cannot be used in conjunction with a double order. EXAMPLE unit move to Space X then casts Power Impervious. (supercedes all other magic, including vaporize and spin the bottle) The unit may issue a normal support order while standing in place.

1 – Make unit invisible. The army or fleet turns invisible untill it changes ownership of an SC, Bounces with another unit, or supports any unit.(used in conjunction with normal orders) Turkey would order F Smyrna make invisible. That is all the other players would see. The GM will then adjudicate normally until one of the above conditions make the unit visible to all again. Invisible also “hides” double order spells, swim in land or walk on water. Once the unit is revealed any of those spells used on that unit will be revealed. (Marked in priority list)

1 – Spin the bottle. One random space on the board is destroyed and impassible for two turns. (starting on the turn it is used) SC count not affected. Adjudicated first. Any unit residing there is destroyed on impact. If Cast in the Fall turn and it lands on a Home SC. That space may not build in the Winter.

1 – Catastrophe. Any 1 territory (non SC space) can be declared a catastrophy zone. No unit may pass through or move in during that season.  You may leave it, but if you didn’t leave it then you will be destroyed at the end of this seasons move. (marked in priority list)

1 – Walk on Water. An army may walk across any body of water as if it was land. Lasts for one full year. (Spring and Fall or Fall then spring) If it is still at sea at the end of the year (2nd turn) it will drown and be destroyed. (done under normal adjudication)

1 – Swim in Land. A fleet may cross through land as if were a body of water. If it is land trapped at the end of the year then it is beached and destroyed. If it ends up on a coastal territory it may choose the coast. A Fleet on the North Coast of Spain can enter the Gulf of Lyon using this power. A fleet in Gascony may enter Mar using this power. A fleet in Sev may move to Moscow then move to STP and choose the coast using this power. Lasts for one full year. (Spring and Fall or Fall then spring) If it is still landlocked at the end of the year (2nd turn) it will be beached destroyed. If a Fleet is inland on the second turn, it claims any SC it is on, then disbands. (done under normal adjudication)

1 – Illusion. Illusionist : The swapping of two provinces may be ordered. The provinces must both be of the same type (i.e. supply centre/non-supply centre, inland/coastal, or sea/land). Any unit moving into either of the areas concerned, actually moves to the other. Supports apply. (ex: Illusionist swaps Paris and Moscow ; Germany’s A(Liv) S A(War)-Mos, A (War)-Mos, France’s A(Par) stands. The A (War) would move to Paris, and the French army would be dislodged; in the subsequent retreat phase it would retreat normally. Units moving out of either province are not affected. The illusionist himself is not allowed to move or support into one of the swapped provinces for he sees the truth of the spell.  Under the above example with no supports A Livonia > Moscow and A Gascony > Paris would pass each other with no bounces. A Livonia would land in Paris, A Gascony would land in Moscow. If a third unit was in Paris to begin with and was ordered to HOLD all orders would bounce.If two countries plan out an illusionist spell, you want to support the army to Moscow in the above example. Simple change the names on your board. A (Liv) S A War to Paris would be a misorder. If a fleet needs a coast to be specified, the fleet will be placed on the coast that is closest. F BS > Con (Con swapped with spain) F Black sea would land in Spain (sc). If the coast has equal distance the GM will make a random selection.

The below swaps can be made inside but not outside groups.

Landlocked Scs: Par, Mun, War, Mos, Vie, Bud, Ser

Coastal Scs: Edi, Lpl, Lon, Nwy, Swe, StP, Den, Kie, Ber, Hol, Bel, Bre, Spa, Por, Mar, Tun, Rom, Nap, Ven, Tri, Gre, Bul, Rum, Sev, Ank, Con, Smy


Coastal Non Scs: Fin, Lvn, Pru, Cly, Wal, Yor, Pic, Gas, NAf, Pie, Tus, Apu, Alb, Syr, Arm

Inland Non-SCs: Ruh, Sil, Boh, Gal, Tyl, Ukr, Bur

if two warlocks invoke the illusion spell using the same province the truth of the spell is seen by all and the illusion fails.

1 – Undead – Once a Warlock loses all his SC’s he has 3 years to invoke his undead spell. It must be played on a spring turn. Then the Warlock has an army or fleet randomly placed on the board. (the Warlocks choice of a fleet or army once the space is revealed) All of his unused spells are still intact. Once the unit is placed if he has not taken control of a SC by the end of fall, he is gone forever to Warlock purgatory. IF the undead Warlock does gain control of a SC, that is his home SC for the rest of the game untill he gains back one of his original home SC’s. Once a Warlock gains back a home SC, his previous SC can be used for one more build, then is shut down forever. A Warlocks power is always called home if possible. Warlocks who are out of the game but have not cast their undead spells yet still have a vote in any game ending decision.

1 – Balloon spell. You may float any unit up into the air. It will move above the field of battle until you order it to land. It takes one move to float up and one move to float down. A Unit that is in the air may not support any other unit. The Balloon unit may, however, be supported down.  If two balloon units bounce they both drop to the map. If the space under them is occupied the piece is treated as one that was just dislodged and then chooses a space during the retreat phase.

1 – Ghost spell – A fake unit may be created and ordered. EXAMPLE England F Edinburgh > North Sea, F Edinburgh > Norweigian Sea. Both will be announced by the GM only the player will know which unit is the real one. Ghost units may not support or claim an SC. They fade into mist after they come into contact with another unit without impeding the other units progress.

3. Once a player has 18 SC’s the game is over, and you cannot invoke the undead spell.

4. Once a Warlock loses all his SC’s and his undead powers expire he is out of the game and his magic is gone.

5. Sequence.

1) Power Impervious supercedes all orders and negates vaporize or spin the bottle.

2) Vaporize and spin the bottle.

3) Make invisible, Catastrophe, Illusionist

4) Normal adjudication.

5) Extra Build (winter only)