Utter Chaos (rr08)

by Scott Rosenberg, Greg Costikyan and Ray Heuer

1.  All rules shall be the same as those in the 1971 Diplomacy Rulebook, except as noted herein.  This variant is a combination of other variants.

2.  ANARCHY:  Each player is assigned three home centers at random.  Each player chooses whether he’ll armies or fleets, and his country’s name.

3.  TWIN EARTH:  The game is played with two maps that begin identical.  Provinces are referred to with the suffix “1” or “2” to designate which map they are on.  Units in a province on one board may move to the corresponding province on the other board; thus “A Mun1-Mun2” is legal.  “A Bur1-Mun2” is not legal (unless Mun1 has been NEILSON/DREWS Black-holed; see below).  Players thus have six home centers, three on each board.  The victory criterion is raised to 35 centers.

4.  SCHIZODIPLOMACY:  Rules in THE POUCH #78.  Briefly, one province per turn (per board) becomes STONEWALL Black-holed (impassable); one gets SPLIT into two provinces (new borders at the GM’s discretion); and after 1903, one per turn gets WHITE HOLED.  WHITE-HOLED provinces are always ones that have become impassable; they become passable again.

An addition to the SCHIZO rules applicable only to UTTER CHAOS is that, any unit in a province that was stonewalled returns if that province gets white-holed; likewise, a supply center that was blackholed and returns by white hole is owned by whoever owned it last.

5.  BLACK HOLE (NEILSON/DREWS Version):  One province per turn becomes BLACK-HOLED and becomes “free”; that is, all the provinces that used to border on it now border on each other.

6.  DILUVIAN DIPLOMACY:  Rules in THE POCKET ARMENIAN #13.  Briefly, one province per turn is picked and its land/sea status is reversed.

7.  DILATORY DIPLOMACY:  Rules in THE POCKET ARMENIAN #13.  Briefly, one province per turn is  picked and its Supply Center/non-SC status is reversed.

8.  DUD DIPLOMACY:  After Spring 1901, one province is chosen to he Dudded.  Each turn thereafter, one new province is dudded, but all new dudded provinces must be adjacent to old dudded provinces.  Duddedness is permanent; however, after 1903, one province per turn is chosen to be Undudded and thence becomes normal again.

Any unit in a province when it is dudded is transported randomly to any vacant spot on the board (in TWIN-EARTH, on either board); if an army lands in the sea, or a fleet lands inland, it is annihilated.  Units may deliberately be moved into a dudded province to be transported randomly.  Dudded provinces remain SCs if they were SCs before; whoever controlled them still controls them.  However, if a unit moves into and successfully gains entrance to a Dudded SC in a Fall turn, then before it is transported randomly it is considered to have gained control of that SC.

9.  Because of the Twin-Earth nature of the variant, all the above listed effects occur once per map; thus, a complete list of things each turn is:  2 STONEWALLS, 4 SCHIZOs (2 per man because of the Neilson/Drews hole); 2 NEILSON/DREWS holes; 2 DILUVIANs; 2 DILATORYs; 2 DUDs.

10.  The GAMEMASTER Controls one unit.  This unit can’t own SCs, and if in someone else’s SC it may neutralize it or leave it.  The GM Unit, if annihilated, returns.  It starts at the GM’s choice.  If dudded, it’s not randomly placed, but placed wherever the GM wants it.  The GM Units moves after it sees anyone else’s moves.

11.  All conflicts among the above sets of rules will be resolved in a fair and equitable manner by the Gamemaster.