Ultimate Shambles (rh12)

by Michel Malhomme

(1) The 1971 rules of diplomacy apply except where amended below.

(2) The first Turn is Autumn 1900 when the GM randomly assigns each player in the game four centers.

(3) The allocated centers may not be neighbors nor even second order neighbors. Eg, one player can’t get both Mos and Nwy or both Sev and Ser.

(4) In Winter 1900 each player builds three units.

(5) Players may build in *any* owned vacant center.

Note by Eric Klien: This game requires much more Diplomacy than normal since everyone is your neighbor!

Comments by Mark Nelson

(1) When Eric Klien posted the rules for this variant on rec.games.pbm he did not include Rules 3 and 5. Hence in games run under Eric’s rules you can only build in the centers you were allocated at the beginning of the game. Such games should really be classified as being Ultimate Shambles II.

(2) There are many similar variants to this game. A commonly added rule is that players may convert Armies to Fleets and vice versa if the unit is in an owned SC in a Winter season.

(3) A rule sometimes added (I’m not sure if it makes for a better game) is that SCs are captured in *any* season. You still build in Winter seasons only.

(4) The first email game of this variant was run in 1990 by Michael Malhomme but it (game name “Bordel”) was not played to completion.