Twilight Zone Diplomacy (uc02)

by Peter Berlin

1. Most of the regular Diplomacy rules apply except when they do not.

2. Each player shall submit a different map to the GM before the countries are allocated and before the S01 moves are submitted which he/she shall design themselves, provided it abides by the following rules:

    2.1 All the provinces of the standard Diplomacy board shall be on it, no more, no less;

    2.2 All land spaces shall remain land spaces, all coastal spaces shall remain coastal spaces, all sea spaces shall remain sea spaces, all multi-coast spaces shall remain multi-coast spaces with the same available coasts (Eg. StP shall be a coastal space with a south coast and a north coast).

    2.3 All spaces with supply centres will continue to have supply centres, no more no less;

    2.4 All land/coastal spaces must border at least two other land/coastal spaces;

    2.5 All sea spaces must border at least two other sea spaces and at least one coastal space;

    2.6 All the spaces of each country must be continuous;

    2.7 The board must be rectangular, only spaces in the four corners may border two sides of the board – no space may border 3 or 4 sides of the board;

    2.8 Sev is a Turkish non-supply centre.

3. Each country starts off with 3 units in his/her 3 supply centres; they can be of either type placed entirely at the player’s discretion.

4. Pieces move as usual, although they may legitimately order any move allowed on any player’s map, provided that player’s map is correctly specified.

    4.1 Thus if on the French player’s map, Paris bordered on Trieste, France may order A(Par)-Tri (French Map). If The German map has Munich bordering on Trieste he may order A(Mun) S FRENCH A(Par)-Tri (German Map), even if Paris does not border on Trieste on the German Map. Likewise Austria may order F(Tri) retreats to StP(sc) (Russian Map) provided the move is legal on the Russian Map, which Austria may have deduced from an earlier game report or because Russia told him.

    4.2 All moves are printed plus the map used. As any player may use any other player’s map as well as his/her own, the game reports will be a source of information to disclose other legitimate moves and which map to specify to use them.

    4.3 The GM will not disclose any of the player’s maps to anyone, although the player’s may disclose them to each other.

    4.4 All conflicts, multiple moves to the same provinces are resolved using the same conflict rules as Regular Diplomacy. Thus if Turkey orders F(Con)-MAO (Turkish Map) and England orders F(Edi)-MAO (English Map) the result is a stand-off.

5. The game starts in Spring 1901 BC.