Time Lords (rd17)

by Steve Doubleday

1. All the normal of Diplomacy apply except where contradicted below.

2. In addition to normal movement possibilities, each unit may be ‘Timewarped’. In the published results Timewarped units are reported as follows:

            Spring 1901: A(Rom)-TW

            Autumn 1901: A(Rom) in W

            Spring 1902: A(Rom) in W

            Autumn 1902: A(Rom W)-Mar

3. Units are ordered through Warp as though Warp were in reality a Diplomacy board with no other units on it, however many units are in Warp. Units may not be ordered in a fashion which would normally be illegal. For example, in the above set of orders the instructions given to the GM in Spring 1901 would have been A(Rom)-TW-Tus-Pie-Stand-Mar, to show that the unit was to take four moves before reappearance. An order such as A(Rom)-TW-Gol-Par or A(Rom)-TW-Edi is illegal; a move such as A(Rom)-TW-Ven is legal and does have its uses.

4. Timewarped units reappear on the board after normal movement has been resolved, but before retreats have been made. They may move into space left vacant due to a stand-off.

5. Timewarped units, when they are in Warp, do not require a supply center. However, when they come back into ‘reality’ they are of course counted along with normal units in Autumn seasons for adjustments.

6. Where two or more units emerge from Warp in the same place on the same turn they are all destroyed.

7. If a unit emerges from Warp into a place already occupied then the unit fails to appear. It is consigned to ‘Limbo’, fated to wander aimlessly through the multiverse until the end of eternity, and takes no further part in the game.  The unit originally occupying that place suffers no ill effects.

8. Units in Warp are entirely on their own, there is no possibility of support while in Warp or while entering or emerging from it.