The Mad Italian! (rb88)

by Patrice Verry

1) All the classic rules of Diplomacy (version 1971) apply except for the modifications below.

2) There is no Italian player.

3) Every turn, every player BESIDES HIS OWN ORDERS must write orders for the units of Italy (including retreats, constructions or destructions as if they were his own units.)

4) Each Italian unit will make the movement decided by the majority (like a vote).  In order to improve your chances of succeeding you could include the Italian movements in various alliances or simply lie!

Example: Let’s take the case where there is an Italian army at Venice.  Besides there own orders the players have given votes as follows;

A(Ven)-Pie 2 votes

A(Ven)-Tyr 3 votes

A(Ven)-Tri 1 vote

The Venetian army will therefore move to (if legally possible) Tyrolia.  “Who dared order A(Ven)-Tri?” wonders the Austrian.  What a mystery!  Only the results are published and not their origin.

5) I repeat that it is important to forecast any retreats, constructions or destructions for the Autumn/Winter season.

6) In case there is a tie in the voting the unit will hold in place (and for constructions or destructions a random method is chosen).

7) Perhaps you think it would be easier to simply suppress the Italian…but will your neighbor be able to resist the pleasure of using 3 units (or more) for his own?!

8) You have of course realized that the Mad Italian is simply a….mercenary!!

Translated by Jef Bryant.