Ten-Player Diplomacy (rm60)

by Unknown Designer

This is variant by a unknown designer.  The game was first played postally in Andy Bate’s Froggy.  Andy being introduced to the game by a friend at Birmingham University.

1. All the rules of Diplomacy (1971 rulebook) apply, except as amended below.

2. In addition to the standard seven powers there are three more:  Balkans, Iberia, and Scandinavia.  Their home centers are:  Balkans – Gre, Bul, Rum, Ser; Iberia – Spa, Por, Tun; and Scandinavia – Den, Swe, Nwy.

3. The game begins in Winter 1900, when all ten countries build units in their home supply centers.  In coastal supply centers the players have the choice of building an army or a fleet (coast must be specified in Bul, StP and Spa), and it is perfectly permissible to build less units than you have supply centers.

4. At the discretion of the GM, or a majority of players face-to-face, the initial build season may be combined with the first move season (Spring 1901), so that players do not get to see what the other players have built before they order their units for the first time.