T / U Variants

sa02Tactical Foundation Games I / II (Foundation Games II / III)R. Brooks 
rz07Tadek Dip (3-way Intimate)Steve Doubleday3
rb13Take-Away DiplomacyD. Alderson (CE 1)7
rf12TaskdipAndreas Kueck 
rt01Team Game (3×3) Italy OmittedDon Miller (includes rt02)6
rt02Team Game (3×3) Turkey OmittedDon Miller (included with rt01)6
rt03Team Game (3×3) with Wild Card Player IDon Miller7
rt04Team Game (3×3) with Wild Card Player II (uses board for 9-Man Diplomacy I (cn02))Don Miller7
rt05Team Game (3×3) with Wild Card Player IVDon Miller7
rb42Telepath DiplomacySteve Doubleday and Richard Walkerdine7
rb31Telstar DiplomacyG. Neiger7
cb55Ten Players Diplomacy II, (map described in rules)10
rm21Ten-Man Diplomacy IIGlenn Overby (includes rm22)10
cb18Ten-Man Diplomacy II-RGlenn Overby (included with cb16)10
rm17Ten-Man Diplomacy(I)Keith Black10
rm60Ten-Player Diplomacy??10
rh11Terrestrial ChaosJef Bryant 
rn10Terrorism (II)Jerry Lucas7
rm36Terrorism IWill Haven7
fy02The Age of Young KingdomsKedge Neuman5
rw03The AliensLew Pulsipher 
pb01The Balkan WarRod Wheeler7
cs02The Cold War, 1946 (“3”) 3
ac11The ConquerorsLew Pulsipher4
mc05The Crusader Kingdoms of OutremerDuncan Jones and Justin Marx7
cs05The Dark Ages, 500 A.D. (“6”) 6
vb12The Day AfterNils Lindeberg and Bjorn von Knorring7
fv02The Dying Earth ILew Pulsipher (map not included)2
fv01The Dying Earth IILew Pulsipher7
rm83The Enemy Within!Stephen Agar7
vc02The Executioner DiplomacyMichael Stackpole6
ma11The Faith and the Sword IIJean-Yves Priou6
me02The Fall of ConstantinopleAndré Leme-Lopes7
qh07The Great Patriotic WarNicky Palmer5
rx17The Great WarRichard Egan (publisher) (Tournament Rules)2
rx22The Great War II??2
ts10The Great YearsKedge Neuman6
pa02The Knight of the Slavonian PlainDavid Barnsdale3
me05The Known WorldStephen Agar5
em05The Lord of HostsTim Collieu6
rm23The Lords of Law and ChaosLew Pulsipher7
rb88The Mad Italian!Patrice Verry6
lr01The MayaJohn Boyer8
pe06The Men Who Would Be KingJimmy Walker10
rb89The PopePatrice Verry8
tf04The SilmarillionLewis Pulsipher, John Cain and Warner Airey8
pf02The Spider KingJohn Robertson7
sg05The Star KingsLew Pulsipher 
hc04The Struggle for Hegemony in Europe, 1689 – 1815Lew Pulsipher 
ud03The Sundered WorldsSteve Doubleday 
rg17The Tarot VariantSteve Doubleday7
rs18The Transatlantic VariantRon Melton7
gf33The Twentieth CenturyMichael David Roberts13
rm28There Are Aliens Among UsPaul Willey8
ts06Third Age IBrain Libby6
ts07Third Age IIDuncan Morris6
ts18Third Age IIIRichard Sharp6
ts23Third Age IIIbMark Nelson6
rm13Third Man DiplomacyBuddy Tretick21
qh19Third ReichPaul Willey7
cs06Thirty Years War, 1610 (“7”) 7
hb01Thirty Years’ War IPaul Newman15
hb07Thirty Years’ War IILew Pulsipher8
rz02Three-Handed DiplomacyEdi Birsan3
rz01Three-Player DiplomacyLew Pulsipher3
rd17Time LordsSteve Doubleday7
rd30Timelords IISteve Doubleday7
ua02TimestepsLew Pulsipher 
rm93Tin Cup DiplomacyManus Hand and John Woolley7
ug14Total Balance IIStephen Agar and Andrew Poole8
gp34Total WarTheirry Lucas (Rules in French)11
rc07Totally Random DiplomacyPaul Bennett7
rb120TouchAndy Schwarz7
rm72Toxic DiplomacyPhil Reynolds7
vj05Trader (I)M. Diller5
rm35TransmatPaul Willey7
rb28TreacheryMartin Janta-Polczynski7
rm10Treaty DiplomacyRod Walker7
cm12Trieste Split DiplomacyFred Davis7
rz06TrioplomacyGlenn Overby3
rs15Tri-State VariantRick Brooks11
ar02TriumvirateRichard Vedder5
ys02TroubleshooterDer Garvey 
rb83Truth or DareBjorn Westling7
rb37Tugboat Diplomacy (a modified Gunboat Diplomacy)Ed Menders7
rn28Tunnels and TrogsEric Willis 
ca02Turnabout DiplomacyFred Davis7
uc02Twilight Zone DiplomacyPeter Berlin7
rs16Twin Earths Diplomacy IDon Miller7
rm11Twin Earths Diplomacy IIILew Pulsipher14
rm81Twin Earths VPatrick Lafontain7
cb63Two Player AbstractionJames Nelson2
rx13Two-Man Blind DiplomacyLee Kendter, Sr2
rx06Two-Man DiplomacyH. Naus2
rx08Two-Man Diplomacy IILarry Peery2
rx09Two-Man Diplomacy III (FRT v. EGI)B. Lindsay2
rx05Two-Player DiplomacyLew Pulsipher2
rz04Two-Plus DiplomacyPete Calcraft 
cb37U-BoatBarry Evans5
da01UhuruLarry Peery5
rh12Ultimate ShamblesMichel Malhomme7
rd11Ultra-StabMalcolm Brown and Paul Pebble (requires rd10)7
fn03UmbarKen St. Andre (derivative of Zelazny’s Amber novels) 
vj20United Nations DiplomacyRick Loomis7
nu07United States Diplomacy IC. Reinsel 
nu05United States Diplomacy IIFred Davis7
nu03United States Diplomacy IIIFred Davis7
nu04United States Diplomacy III ½  (new space names only)Fred Davis7
nu06United States Diplomacy II-RFred Davis7
nu08United States Diplomacy IVJames Early7
yo02Universal A/F Rules ModuleFred Davis & Stephen Agar 
rd09Universal StabAndy Evans and Stephen Agar7
rg03Unplayable Card DiplomacyStephen Agar7
ce06USATadd Moskal8
hc09Utrecht IChris Northcott (draft version)5
hc07Utrecht II(starts in 1740)Chris Northcott and Fred Davis5
hc08Utrecth IIIChris Northcott5
rr08Utter ChaosScott Rosenberg, Greg Costikyan and Ray Heuer7
yp01Utterly Ludicrous DiplomacyPete Doubleday7
rm40Utterly Ruthless DiplomacyDerwood Bowen7