Star Trek Diplomacy II (st03)

by Peter Balasz, Franc Hegermann, Andreas Cellar, Thomas Krutzler and Raoul Mazhar

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This variant should always played Gunboat and blind (i.e. hidden movement)

Each great power has long-distance ships (LSS) and short-distance ships (KSS), whereby the LSS corresponds to fleets in regular Diplomacy and the KSS corresponds to the armies.

The map is divided in resource-rich areas (corresponding to land) and resource-poor areas (corresponding to sea). There is no common boundary between the gamma quadrant and the remainder of the galaxy. The only connection is represented by the wormhole, which is not a space itself, but consists of the spaces of the alpha quadrant (DS9, Antares and Bajor) and spaces of the gamma quadrant (Gemma and Idran). There are 36 supply centres (SC), so the victory crieteria is 19 SC.

Before the first move (S2373M) an additional adjusitment phase (F2372B) takes place, in which each great power can determine the types of its unit (KSS or LSS). Furthermore in this adjustment phase Klingon and Romulan can order a camouflage (see camouflaging’) and the Dominion can order a masking (see  masking ).

Starting Positions

Borg: 0815, 4711

Cardassia: Cardassia prime, Cardassia Second, Cardassia Third

Dominion: Omarion, Karemma, Brax

Ferenghi: Ferenghi, Zeta Maxia, Volchok prime

Ferderation: earth, volcano, alpha Ceti, Betazed

Klingon: Q’onos, Khitomer, Boreth

Romulan: Romulus, Remus, Algeron

Additional Powers

Each great power has additional abilities, some of which are intrinsic (i) abilities, others of which are additional orders (B).

Federation: Negotiation ability (B) and starts the game with an additional SC (i)

Klingonen: Camouflage (B) and combat capability (i) -: Ability did not retreaten (i)

Romulaner: Secret service (B) and camouflage (B) -:must secret service betray, if it retreaten or a SC lose

Cardassianer: Antiproton (i) and doubled range of vision (i)

Ferenghi: captivate (B)

Borg: Assimilation (B) and movement bonuses in the own quadrant (i)

Dominion: Masking of ships (B) +APS (i)

Negotiation ability: a unit can persuade in an autumn turn a SC up to two spaces away to become neutral or convince a neutral SC to join the federation. Negotiation cannot take place through the wormhole. The negotiation fails, if another unit occupies the SC at the end of the move.

Camouflage / Masking takes a whole move. A camouflaged unit is invisible. It cannot be supported when standing or attacking. A camouflaged unit, which supports the attacks of others or is forced to retreat unmasks itself automatically.

Combat capability means that whenever three units attack the same space they always win, but must with a 3:n – attack with n>=3 one the attack supporting units resolve themselves.

Secret service: a unit can instead of a move discover the orders of great power X after Y the great power gets up to the next move phase all post office of great power X at Y.

Double range of vision the blind rule is extended by to two spaces for this power

Antiproton: camouflaged units in adjacent spaces are visible.

Masking a unit makes it look like any other nationality it chooses, until it has to retreat or it is ordered to unmask.

Captivate means that the unit being captivated has to stand. Captivate has a range of two spaces and does not function through the wormhole.

Assimilation means that all captured SCs can be built in as if they were home SCs.

Movement bonus means that a Borg LSS moving in a resource-poor area of the delta quadrant may execute the unit a second movement order after normal movement.


1. Federation:

a) SC:
Bet BeZ Betazed
Erd Erde, Sol
AlC Alpha Ceti
Vul Vulkan

b) Non-SC:
ACe Alpha Centaurie
Ber,BSt Bernhards Stern, Barnads Star
Sir Sirius
Pro Prokyon, Procyon
Ant Antares

2. Klingon:

a) SC
Bor Boreth
Qon Q’onos
Khi Khitomer

b) Non-SC:
Pra Praxis
BeL Beta Lankal
Mor Morska
RuP Rur Rura Pente
Mem Mempa

3. Romulan:

a) SC:
Alg Algeron
Rom Romulus
Rem Remus

b) Non-SC
Cay Carraya
Bo6 Borka VI
Dra Draken IV
Dul Du4 Dulisian IV
Mi6 Miridian VI
Rot Rotanev

4. Cardassian

a) SC
Car CaP Cardassia Prime
Ca2 Cardassia Second
Ca3 Cardassia Third

b) Non-SC
Kel Kelrabi
Kor Ko2 Kora II

5. Ferenghi

a) SC
Vol Volchok Prime
Fer Ferenghi
Max ZeM Zeta Maxia

b) Non-SC
Acr Acrybite

6. Borg

a) SC

b) Non-SC

7. Dominion

a) SC
Bra Brax
Kar Karemma
Oma Omarion

b) Non-SC
Mar Myrmidon
Err Er7 Errikang VII
Gra Grafias
Gre Gredi
Red Reda

8. “Land” in Alpha-Beta-Quadrant

a) SC
Gor Gorn
Ca4 Cardassia Fourth
Baj Bajor
MiC Min Minos Corva
Ca5 Cardassia Fifth
Ori Orion
Nim Nimbus
Nar Narendra III
Tho Tholians

b) Non-SC
Ald Aldebaran
Alt Altair
Ark Arktur
Atl Atlas
Bet Beteigeuze
Can Canopus
Cap Capella
Cas Castor
Den DeC Deneb Cygni
Fom Fomalhaut
Gom Gomeisa
Ham Hamal
Mir Mira
Pol Pollux

8. “Land” in Gamma-Quadrant

a) SC
Myr Myrmidon
Era ErP Erabus Prime

b) Non-SC
Gem Gemma
Gie Giena
Gom Gomeisa

8. “Land” in Delta-Quadrant

a) SC

b) Non-SC

9. “Water” in Alpha-Beta-Quadrant

a) SC
RIS Risa

b) Non-SC
SUZ Suedliches Zentrum
NHA Noerdliches Halo
NOH Nordoestliches Halo
OEH Oestliches Halo
SOH Suedoestliches Halo
SUH Suedliches Halo
SWH Suedwestliches Halo
WEH Westliches Halo
NWH Nordwestliches Halo
RAS Raoulspalte
PET XXL Peters Nebula
TOM TSA Toms Spiralarm
AND ANC Andreas-Cluster
FRS FRA Franks Star
CAH Cardassianisches Halo
WEG VEG Wega, Vega
BYN Bynar
TEL Tellar
DS9 Deep Space 9
MAN McAllister Nebulae
SHE Sheliak
ZEN Zengeti
DEN DEB Denorios Belt
ALA ALN Alawanir Nebulae
AOL Aolian Cluster
BLA BLC Black Cluster
BON Borgolis Nebula
DAB Deltived Asteroid Belt
EPC Epsilon Pulsar Cluster
PAU PAN Paulsen Nebula
HEZ Heze
KAJ Kajam
LES Lesath
MAA Maasym
NEK Nekkar
PHA Phakt
RUT Rutilicus
SAB Sabik
TAL Talitha
UNU UNE Unuk Elhaja
VIN Vindemiatrix
WAS Wasat
YED YEP Yed Prior
ZOS Zosma

9. “Water” in Gamma-Quadrant

a) SC:

IDR Idran

b) Non-SC:

Hyd EH7 Epsilon Hydra 7
WGA WGQ Westlicher Gammaquadrant
NWG Nordwestlicher Gammaquadrant
NGA NGQ Noerdlicher Gammaquadrant
SGA SGQ Suedlicher Gammaquadrant
SOG Soedoestlicher Gammaquadrant
RAK Rakhar
VER Vaerth
SHA Sham
ZAU Zaurak

9. “Water” in Delta-Quadrant

a) SC:

b) Non-SC: