South American Supremacy (ls10)

by Benjamin Hester

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1. The Starting Year is 1835, though the map represents no exact period in time. Rather, the map and the variant as a whole are a composite of 19th century South America.

2. Starting Positions: Chile: F Val, A San Argentina: F BAs, A Cor, A Sal Brasil: F SaP, A Rio, F Slv, A Man Bolivia: F Ant, A LaP Colombia: F Cal, F Car, A Bog Paraguay: A Asu, A Con Peru: F Lim, A Tru Venezuela: A Mar, F Ccs.

3. The Andes Mountains: Indicated by a darkened border, separating the western ridge of the continent from the interior. Units may not cross the Andes Mountains (like Switzerland) except at “passes,” marked on the map by two small parallel lines with a normal (light) border between them. The Andes Mountains form the border between Cali and Popayan, and stretch all the way south to separate Valparaiso from Cordoba.

4. Rivers: Very simple. The Amazon and Parana rivers are navigable by fleets. They are NOT separate bodies of water themselves. This means that fleets can move up and along these river borders just like fleets on coastlines can. For example, a fleet could on subsequent turns move from RdP to BAs to SaF to Crt to Asu to Mis to Prn, etc. etc. No special order format is needed. Support operates as normal, though it should be noted that fleets CANNOT support actions involving inland territories while on a river. Just as a Fleet in Belgium could not support an Army Burgundy into Ruhr, neither could a Fleet Santa Fe support an Army Cordoba into Rosario. Also, fleets may not convoy while on a river (just like fleets on a coastal territory may not convoy in standard.)

5. British, French, Dutch Guyana: European controlled territories that are impassable like Switzerland. Tierra del Fuego: Some of the most inhospitable land on the face of this earth. It is also impassable.

6. Victory conditions, turn movement, and all other aspects of SAS conform to Standard in every way. 18 SCs is a solo. Province List

Ama - Amazonas
Ang - Angostura
Ant - Antofagasta
Aqu - (Aquiris Indigenous Territory)
Ara - (Arauncanian Indigenous Territory)
Are - Arequipa
Ari - Arica
Asu - Asuncion
Ata - Atacama
AtO - Atlantic Ocean
Bar - Barinas
BAs - Buenos Aires
BdA - Bahia de Arica
BdN - Boca de Navios
BdP - Bahia de Paranagua
BGu - British Guyana (Impassable)		
BhB - Bahia Blanca
Bog - Bogota	
BSc - Bahia Sechura
BSM - Bahia Sao Marcos
BSS - Bahia de Sao Sebastao
BTS - Bahia de Todos os Santos
Cal - Cali
Can - Canelos
Car - Cartagena	
Crc - Caracas
Cha - Chaco
Con - Concepcion
Cop - Copiapo
Cor - Cordoba
Crt - Corrientes
Cum - Cumana		
Cus - Cusco
DGu - Dutch Guyana (Impassable)
DrP - Drake Passage
For - Formosa
FGu - French Guyana (Impassable)
Gal - Islas Galapagos 
GDa - Golfo de Darien
GdG - Golfo de Guafo
Goi - Goias
Gpe - Guapore
GPn - Golfo de Panama
GPr - Golfo de Paria
GSJ - Golfo de San Jorge
Gua - Guayaquil
Iqu - Iquitos
Jua - Islas Juan Fernandez
LaP - La Paz
Lim - Lima
Lla - Llanos
MaG - Mato Grosso
Mal - Islas Malvinas
Man - Manaus
Mar - Maracaibo
Med - Medellin	
Men - Mendoza
MiG - Minas Gerais
Mis - Misiones
Mon - Montevideo
Mrh - Maranhao
NaS - Nazca Sea
Ori - Orinoco
Pan - Pantanal
Par - Para
PAs - Punta Arenas
Pat - Patagonia
Per - Pernambuco
Piu - Piura
Pnm - Panama (NC/SC)
Pop - Popayan	
Pot - Potosi
Prn - Parana
Qui - Quito
RBr - Rio Branco
RdP - Rio de la Plata (Estuary)
Rib - Riberalta
Rio - Rio de Janeiro
RGS - Rio Grande do Sul
Ros - Rosario
SaF - Santa Fe
Sal - Salta
SaM - Santa Marta
San - Santiago
SaP - Sao Paulo
ScS - Scotia Sea
SCz - Santa Cruz
Slv - Salvador
SoM - Straits of Magellan
SPO - South Pacific Ocean
TdF - Tierra del Fuego (Impassable)
Tru - Trujillo
Tuc - San Miguel de Tucuman
Val - Valparaiso
Ver - Veragua (NC/SC)