Sorcerous Diplomacy (rb57)

by Glenn Miles

1) The standard rules of Diplomacy and the standard map are used except where indicated below.

2) Wizard Units:

a) Wizards are identical to normal army units except that they can cast spells.  ((Options:  Permit England to use Fleet units for wizards – or allow a Wizard to have the characteristics of either an army or a fleet.))

b) Only one wizard may be owned by any power at one time.

c) No power starts the game with a wizard.

d) Wizards can be destroyed normally, but may be re-built in the normal adjustment phase.

e) Wizard units may only be built in the following centers:

Austria: Budapest
England: Edinburgh
France: Paris
Germany: Kiel
Italy: Rome
Russia: Moscow
Turkey: Smyrna.

f) If the power loses control of its wizard building center, it may not build any replacement wizards until it has recaptured the center.  It keeps any wizard it already owns.  Players may not use another player’s wizard center to build their own wizards.

g) Wizards may cast one spell each game year (either in Spring or Autumn).  The casting of a spell is an alternative to making a normal move or support order.

h) If any other enemy unit interacts with a wizard unit, the wizard is forced to defend itself and cannot cast a spell.

3) Spells:

“Stasis”:  A unit is subject to a force field, rendering it unable to move or support.  Affected units may be supported in holding.  Wizard units may be affected by this spell, but they will still be able to cast their own spells subject to rule 2h above.

Duration of effect:  2 turns.

“Magic Shield”:  The unit is given immunity from the effects of any Stasis spell.  Also, such units will  be able to ignore Wall spells and Ice spells – even if those spells were cast by the owning player.

Duration:  2 turns.

“Wall”: A barrier is formed between two named provinces, thus rendering movement between them impossible.

Duration:  1 turn.

“Ice”: Any sea province subject to the spell becomes covered by a sheet of ice and effectively becomes a land province.  Fleets may not move into or out of such affected provinces, and stuck fleets may be destroyed by any army moving onto the province.

Duration:  3 turns.

“Flame”: This counteracts the effect of an Ice spell.  Any army unit on an Iced province when this spell is cast is drowned and destroyed.  The casting of this spell cancels any remaining Iced turns for the name province.

4) Familiars:

A wizard may have only one Familiar at a time.  A Familiar is a named unit which becomes linked to the Wizard unit until destroyed.  The unit becomes a double army/fleet, but needs only the normal one center to maintain it.

If either the wizard or the Familiar is destroyed, then the other also dies in the same turn.  The spirit of the familiar remains however, and still requires a center to maintain.

5) The order of movement is as follows:

Stasis spells,
Magic Shield Spells,
Movement (including retreats),
All other spells,
Builds/disbandments, if Autumn.