Slightly Silly Diplomacy (vj21)

by Will Abbott

Basically, it’s standard Dip, with broadcast only grey press, and humor is strongly encouraged. Per Jim Burgess, any player must abuse the GM as much as any other player.

Each player also gets two nukes (you send the GM the nuke orders) per adjustment. One nuke is used against a supply center to prevent any builds on that supply center that turn. The other must be used against the GM or some non-game thing…basically, with no serious effect. If you don’t use them, you lose them!

Nukes can also vary a bit: if a player has certain numbers of supply centers, then certain changes happen in their nuking capabilities:
2 SC– an extra nuke to be used against a supply center.
7 SC– can wave a build for that year for an extra nuke of either type.
13SC– both nukes must be used against a non-game thing (or the GM).
17SC– lose nuke against supply center.

Finally, if press isn’t funny enough during a turn, the GM may order a coup against a nation (or more, or the whole board) and order pices any way they darn well feel.

In short, this is NOT a serious variant.