Secret Spy Diplomacy (rd25)

by Garrett Schenck

Secret Spy Diplomacy is played on the regular mapboard, and all the regular rules apply.

The difference is that players only “see” the moves of enemy units that they either begin the turn next to, or end the turn next to.

There are two additional unit types:

(a) each country gets one (and only one) “Spy” unit that has no military power, but essentially acts like a regular unit for purposes of reporting enemy movement; and

(b) regular units leave behind a “Bug” unit in each space that they vacate — these “Bugs” then report the first instance of enemy movement into their space (whereupon they are eliminated).

I intend to run this game again, though it is possible that I’ll eliminate the “Bug” rule — they almost never reported any info to the players that was unavailable through other means, and were more trouble than they were worth (I think).