Scorched Earth Diplomacy (rb86)

by John Morgan

1) The standard rules of Diplomacy (1971 rulebook) apply, except where amended below. 

2) As the supply centres represent centres of industrial production which are capable of supporting armies and fleets, it follows that this capability would end if the factories in the supply centre were demolished. Therefore, a player may order units in provinces with supply centres to demolish the industrial capability of those provinces. This counts as the unit’s move for that season, so it may not move, convoy or give support at the same time. 

3) These orders are written, for example, F(Sev) des Sev or A(Bel) des Bel. Once the supply centre is destroyed, the province is still passable and is treated like any other non-supply centre province. 

4) Destroying the entire industrial capability of a city of group of cities is a very time consuming activity. Therefore, a unit occupied in this destruction is unable defend the province as well, so it offers no opposition to attacking forces and may not receive support. 

5) If a unit employing the scorched earth option is attacked then it will be dislodged, unless there are two or more attacks upon the province which are equally supported, in which case a stand-off occurs as usual. Even if the unit is dislodged, the destruction still takes place, and the dislodged unit may retreat as normal. 

6) The winner is the first player to own the majority (i.e. more than half) of the remaining supply centres at the end of any Autumn season. 

First printed in 10 Lime Avenue No.37 (April l990).